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The motorized blackout screens work and look great!
Thank you for all your help.
Adam Wisler

Affordable Blackout

By preventing any detectable transmission of visible light, infrared or UV rays, these high performance manual or motorized shades can also substantially reduce your energy costs. Temperature range from minus 86 degrees F to 158 degrees.Withstands breezes up to 15 mph. For areas that will have higher winds, upgrade to the Baby Grande, Grande, or Fortress Blackout. If you are looking for a shade you can have down while you are not present, upgrade to a heavy duty shade equipped with a wind sensor. 

Maximum Dimensions:

Exposed roll: 12′w x 12′h (144″w x 144″h)

In 4″ Fascia: 12’w x 6’h (144″w x 72″h)

In a 4″ housing box: 12’w x 5’h (144″w x 60″h)


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  • Affordable  Blackout Description

    Create total privacy and complete darkness any time of day. Outdoor shades don’t disturb the interior window décor. If you are looking for a shade you can have down while you are not present, upgrade to a heavy duty shade equipped with a wind sensor.

    Constructed from high tenacity polyester yarn, these shades are highly resistant to weather and can withstand temperatures ranging from -86ºF to 158ºF. The quality of polymers used in the manufacture of these materials ensures high color-fastness. Dirt does not stick to them due to their smooth and even surface structure. And Soltis will not stretch or lose its shape under heavy loads. Exterior facing colors are beige, brown and white. Interior is gray.

    Soltis material comes 67″ wide. Any shade larger than 67″ wide x 65″ high will need to be seamed with sonic welding.

    Flammability:  Flame Retardant

  • Affordable Blackout

    Hiding the Roller

    Click Images below for details

    Extruded Aluminum Housing

    End caps and housing completely powder coated aluminum. Does not rust.








    Fascia front is powder coated aluminum and does not rust. End brackets are powder coated steel, and may rust after several years if exposed to rain, high humidity, or salt air.

    Valance Detail
    Fascia White
    Valance DetailFascia Bronze
    Fascia BlackFascia Black
    Anodized FasciaAnodized Fascia
    Anodized FasciaVanilla Fascia


    Side Rails, Bungees & Cable Systems

    grande_side_chan2 Side Rail Options (must order with housing box) Fabric is NOT inserted into side rail. There is 1/4" gap between the side rail and the fabric.
    grande_housing_colors Housing and Side Rail Color Choices
    Cable Systems Optional Cable Systems
    Optional Bungees

    Lift Systems

    Click Images below for details

    Rollease clutchOutdoor rated clutches
    Super Clutches Super clutches
    Chain Options Chain Options

  • Affordable Blackout Construction

    If you've got windy conditions, switch to our Heavy Duty Blackout Shades
    An outdoor shade should be retracted in windy conditions
    . (More than 10-15 mph.) Shades must be mounted to the underside of a beam/ceiling or to the face of a beam/wall, and cannot be 'end mounted.'

    Our outdoor shades are built to last. Custom manufactured to your exact specifications, all our outdoor shades are triple locked to rust proof rollers with spring loaded clips and then sealed with a weatherproof bonding to protect against the elements.

    Our outdoor shade fabrics are engineered to withstand years of outdoor use. These outdoor fabrics are fade and flame resistant, remain stable under hot and cold temperatures, and have an extra layer of biocide to inhibit the mold and mildew

    1. Brackets are marine grade with a rust proof powder coating. They come in your choice of black or white. For corrosive salt water exposure we recommend upgrading to our Dacromet brackets.

    2. Rollease Exterior rated clutches in matching black or white, have stainless steel internal springs to avoid rust. Super Clutches are automatically added to large shades to reduce the effort required to lift heavy shades.

    3.Chains are UV resistant and won't break down. Chain lengths are 3/4's of the way down the shade.

    4. Outdoor shades are constructed with a heavy duty aluminum weight bar at the bottom to prevent fraying. This bar comes in white, black, bronze or anodized and is secured to the welded bottom weight pocket. Extruded Aluminum Weight Bars at the bottom of the shade are available in anodized, bronze, black, white and light beige.

    5. Self tapping stainless steel D Rings are included with each shade to tie it down. Also available are optional custom 8" bungee cords. Secure bungee cords to the D Rings as shown in the photo to minimize how much the shades move in windy conditions. We can custom manufacturer bungee cords to the length you need.

    6. An optional cable system on each side of the shade helps stabilize the shade movement in windy conditions and can also serve as a tie down for motorized shades.

    7.Optional Side Rails are offered in 7 colors. Side Rails are 2" wide and 3/4" deep. Side rails lock down the bottom bar of the shade only. There is a 1/4" gap between the side of the fabric and the beginning of the side rails so the fabric will not blow out. Side rails require a level, even mounting surface (not more than 1/4" shim is acceptable) and the purchase of the aluminum housing.

    8.Optional Housings: Powder coated extruded aluminum housings available in 7 matching colors. To hide and protect the roll (especially when motorizing.) 4" x 4". Housing mounts either to the face of a beam or the underside of a beam. If the drop is more than 120" you must upgrade to a Grande shade in a 5 1/2" aluminum housing.

    9. L Shaped fascias are available to hide the front of the roller. Fascias can be side mounted. Some light can come through these as they are not a sealed box.

    10. A reverse roll to hide the roller is offered at no charge

    11.You will need to supply your own lag bolts for mounting your shades.

    12. Fabric Deductions


    Sun and wind sensors are available for outdoor shades.

    Sun GuardianTM Fabrics come extra wide to minimize the need for seams. If seams are required they are sonically welded for the strongest possible bonding.

  • Affordable Blackout Outdoor Shades Samples

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    Product Description

    Privacy Light Blocking Shades

    Soltis material comes 67″ wide. Any shade larger than 67″ wide and also taller than  x 65″ high will need to be seamed with sonic welding.

    Flammability:  Flame Retardant

    The reverse side is always gray.

  • Affordable Blackout

    Some footage may show components that do not look exactly like the ones you will receive, but the procedure being demonstrated is correct

    Installation PDFs

    Download PDFs to Review Below.


    Q: What is the depth required?
    Depth required for a flush mount depends on a combination of width, height, material ordered, lift system, and headrail option. Contact us for specific information about your particular order. General guidelines:

    • Exposed Roll: Smallest shades require 2 3/8" (most shades under 84" wide) while wider and taller ones can take up to 3 3/8" or 3 7/8".
    • Fascia: Either 3" or 4". Most shades under 84” wide take 3”, while all shades over 84" take 4".
    • Housing box: All shades take 4” housing box, unless they are both wider and taller than 120", in which case you will need to upgrade to a Grande shade in a 5 1/2" box..

    Q: What is the fabric width?
    Fabric width varies depending on lift system and headrail option. Contact us for specific information about your particular order. Bottom bar and end caps extend 1/4--5/16" wider than the actual cloth. General Guidelines:

    • Exposed Roll or Fascia, Chain or Motor : Fabric is 1 3/8" narrower than the tips of the roller. Gap is larger on the chain side than the idler end. Gap is the same on each side for motorized shades.
    • 4" Housing box, Chain or Motor: Fabric is 2" narrower than the end caps of the box. Gap is the same on each side.
    • 4" Housing and 2" Side Channels, Chain or Motor: Fabric is 4 1/4" narrower than the end caps of the box. There is a 1/8"--1/4" gap between the fabric itself and the channel.

    Q: The material on my shade is rolling up crooked. What causes this and how do I fix it?
    This is usually caused by the installation not being level; the shade will roll towards the higher side. It must be corrected immediately or the shade material, telescoping over the end, will rub the shade brackets and get damaged. Best solution is to remount the brackets so the shade will be level.

    Operate the shade slowly to be sure the roll is correct; stop at once if the material runs to one side.