How to Measure for Fortress Zipper Track Shade System

Clear vinyl outdoor zipper shade system for restaurant

All Fortress High Wind Zipper Tracks are measured the same way no matter what fabric you use.

When measuring the opening for an outside flush/surface mount, just give us your opening dimensions. To allow for the side tracks which are each 2” wide, we will then add 5” to your opening width to make up for any irregularities. The height of the side rails will be from the top of your housing, which is 5 ½” tall to how far down you want the shade to drop. The tracks will be about 2″ longer than needed to allow for any variances. Adjustments will need to be made on site.

For inside mounting, measure the width in 3 places and always take the narrowest width measurement. We will deduct 3/4″ to allow for fastening heads and “L” mounting channel thickness (this would be total for both sides.) Always use longest measurement for calculating the height of your shade.

Important Use and Care Information

  1. DON’T ROLL SHADES DOWN in windy conditions–however, you may roll them UP in windy conditions.
  2. Housing box and side rails must be mounted flush with each other. Housing must be level. Side rails must be plumb and parallel.
  3. Watch the shades when you are operating them. Stop the shade if it is not operating correctly. Do not continue to operate a shade that appears to be jammed. Reverse the direction and inspect the track for debris, etc. Wind may stop the shade from going down. Stop and raise the shade again to re-engage the fabric and lower again. Repeat until shade is lowered.
  4. Keep tracks clear of debris. Hose the shades and tracks occasionally, especially if you have not operated them for a while.
  5. Lubricate the zippers and PVC inserts inside the rails with a dry silicone spray regularly to ensure smooth operation.
  6. Do NOT use oil based lubricants as these will cause dirt to build up and affect the way the zipper operates.
  7. It is best to cover all openings and have them all up or all down. If you have most closed but a few open and it’s windy, air pressure will build up inside and the shades that are down may malfunction
  8. Fortress Shades are designed to be installed so that the wind hits them from the front for best results. If you mount them with the back facing the wind it is more likely that the rails could be forced off by the shade fabric and bottom bar being forced against the fronts of the rails.

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