Storefront Film Shades

Fade Protection With Full Visibility

Made specifically for retailers who want to protect their merchandize and interior from bleaching and fading, these shaded are not designed for glare or heat reduction.

The only UV blocking shade that allows for both inward and outward visibility.

Maximum dimensions:

144″ w x 144″ h.
Chain operated, spring tension, or motorized

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Storefront Shades Description

Storefront Shade material is made from several layers of laminated film joined with heat and pressure to form a flexible and durable shade material. These layers are coated with uvenol, a colorless UV inhibitor that screens out 99.9% of the ultraviolet light.

Ultraviolet light is the primary cause of fading. Silver Tint film shades allow inward visibility from the street but will protect merchandise from fading. These shades are lead-free.


This storefront shade provides vision into a display window for a full view of merchandise. on display.

Silver Tint – Moderate Sun Fade Conditions
Silver Tint provides protection for Moderate Sun Fade Conditions and works best with a combination of awnings or building overhangs. There is no color distortion of merchandise. It provides fade protection only Ultra Violet Light, blocks 47% visible light. 2 Ply, 3 mil. Silver Tint comes in 72 inches wide. Shades can be made up to 12 feet wide by 12 feet tall.

Dual Color Combination Shade

The best over all protection for storefronts. Silver Tint for eye level down for visibility in through the store window and fade protection. From eye level up smoke/smoke for glare, heat and fade reduction. This concept works best for tall windows.

Dual Shade Bracket– Film shades can utilize a dual shade bracket with an Affordable Vinyl Blackout Shade that rolls over the film shade to create nighttime privacy.

All necessary hardware and installation instructions are included with Storefront Shades.

Care & Warranty

Cleaning & CareWarranty

Hiding the Roller

Reverse Roll
side by side picture vs diagram of reverse roll on an indoor shade to cover the roller

Reverse Roll: Shade material runs over the front of roller instead of the back. This hides the shade roller but also causes the material to be further away from the window. Also, this does not hide the clutch chain mechanism at the top.


Anodized Fascia Inside Mount

white fascia bracket

Fascia White

bronze fascia bracket

Fascia Bronze

black fascia

Fascia Black

anodized fascia bracket

Anodized Fascia

This is a clean and seamless way to hide a roller. Available in 4 hardware finishes: white, bronze, black and anodized.  Shades under 120” wide take a 3” x 3” fascia, shades to 144” take a 4” x 4” fascia.

Manual Lift Systems

Spring Tension
spring tension roller shades

Easiest for shades under 65” high from the floor

Chain Operated
roll ease clutch in white

Rollease clutch in white black also available

roll ease roller shade

Rollease continuous clutch chain control

black chains


Dark Brown Chains

Dark Brown

Silver Chains

Stainless Steel


Gray Chains


The RollEase continuous clutch/chain control lifts evenly, locks automatically and raises and lowers in one control. The P Shaped tension device or Cord Guide reduces the hazards of child strangulation and entanglement by limiting their access to the cord control.

Rollease Clutches come in white or black. Chain colors are available in white, light gray, bronze, black, steel and nickel. There is an extra charge for steel and nickel chains.

Motorization Options

New Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Motors by Rollease
lion remotes and chargers

Order with the Pulse Hub to control you shades with Alexa.

These radio control rechargeable battery motors are user friendly. They are available in 2 different sizes to accommodate:

MEDIUM: up to 84”w x 84”h
LARGE: up to 120”w x 120”h

  • Motor is inside roller, your choice left or right
  • Built in Li-ion battery pack with integrated charge management
  • Small antenna
  • Connect motor with cable to charger
  • Medium motor: 11’ of cable on 12V charger
  • Large motor: 13’ of cable on a 5V USB charger
  • You need to purchase at least one charger with your order—one per room recommended
  • Batteries could last up to 1.5 years under normal use: one cycle per day
  • Single channel or a 15 channel remotes available for multiple shades
  • A “favorite position” can be pre-set and recalled at any time.
  • If voltage drops motor will beep to prompt charging
  • Levelling control feature allows precise positioning of multiple shades for perfect alignment.
  • Charge motor for 6 hours using recommended AC charger before first use

Magnetic Hold Downs

For regular vertical windows in moving vehicles or surface mounting on doors, Magnetic Hold Downs are available for both Chain shades and Spring Tension shades. Neodymium rare earth magnets (3.6 pull force) are attached to an adhesive backed aluminum mounting plate. Install magnets directly on wall or window trim for outside mounts, or use angle brackets to mount them to the sill for inside mounts. For installation to wood surfaces, remove magnet from plate and secure with a screw.

For spring tension shades, order with the optional metal handle for the bottom bar; this is not necessary for chain pull shades.

Shades up to 36″ wide come with 2 magnets; up to 48″, 3 magnets; up to 60″, 4 magnets.

Storefront Specs

We use no knock offs. Our RollEase brackets are universal so these transparent thermal solar shades can be mounted inside the frame, outside the frame or from the top down. Crystal View Solar Shades are shipped with all the necessary hardware. Chain lengths are 3/4’s of the way down the shade. All chains come with child proof tensioners. Please specify if you need longer chains.

Shades can also be spring tension operated as well.

Silver/Tint comes 72″ wide. Any shade BOTH wider than 72″ and higher than 70″ will require a horizontal seam. (Ex. 85″ x 85″)

All necessary hardware and installation instructions are included with Storefront Shades.

All shades are finished with a metal bottom bar with non marring end caps that prevents damage to walls and adds extra child safety.


Measuring Instructions
Materials needed for measuring
  • (Photo 1) Decide whether you want the shade mounted inside the frame of the opening or outside the opening. An inside mount can look cleaner, but you may want to order outside mount if there are obstructions, if you want more complete coverage, or if you want to cover more than one opening with a shade.
  • (Photo 2) Always use a steel measuring tape.
  • (Photo 3) Measure to the nearest 1/8”. Round DOWN, not UP, if it is 1/16th over.
  • Tell us raw measurements. Do not take your own deductions.
  • Always give width before height
  • IT IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT to take note if any of the adjoining shades meet at a 90% angle, as one or both shades may need to be cut narrower to make sure the brackets don’t conflict with one another.  We recommend that you order only one of the corner shades, and order the second one after you have installed the first one to make sure the brackets don’t impede each other.
  • And always, feel free to call us for help and email us photos of where you are installing.
Inside Frame Mount
Height and width for measuring inside mount window shades
  • Measure width at top, middle, and bottom (A) Tell us the raw measurements. Let us take the deduction for fit. We will tell you fabric width.
  • Measure the height (B) If not ordering the shade to drop all the way down, let us know.
Outside Frame Mount

To Fit Brackets on Trim/Posts

measuring for outside mount window shades
  • Measure width of the outside of the post to the outside of the post at the top, middle, and bottom (A)
  • Measure width of the inside of the opening (B) to check for fabric overlap. We will tell you fabric width.
  • Measure the height (C) If not ordering the shade to drop all the way down, let us know.
To Order by Fabric Width
Ordering by fabric width diagram
  • Decide where you want the fabric to overlap on each side. Mark on the post/trim and measure this width (A). We will tell you how much room the shade needs to fit.
  • Measure the height (B) If not ordering the shade to drop all the way down, let us know.
To Cover Multiple Openings in a Row
wall of windows for measuring
  • Measure the width of the full span of space you have to fit the shades in at the top, middle, and bottom.
  • Measure the end to center post and center to center post widths at the top, middle, and bottom. Tell us the raw measurements. Let us take the deduction for fit.
  • Measure the width of the inside of the opening to check for fabric overlap. We will tell you fabric width.
  • Measure the height – let us know if you’re not ordering the shade to drop all the way down.

Measuring Videos

Inside Frame Mount

Outside Frame Mount

view out from storefront film shades

Store Front Film Shade Sample


Programming Li-Ion Battery Motors/Remotes
Repair/Replace PDFs
Programming/Wiring PDFs
Drawings/Specs PDFs
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