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Motorization Options (Outdoor Fortress)

Fortress Zipper Track shades are motorized with Somfy Altus 525 Radio motors (120V, 1.6amps). Your choice of 1, 5, or 16 channel remotes, handheld or wall mounted. Factory programs remotes to the motors and you merely set the limit stops.Motors can be on the left or the right, and come with a 6′ power cord. 12′, 18′, and 24′ power cords are available.


Motors plug into the grounded outlets. You may hardwire them but must install off switch for each motor so you can disconnect each motor from power separately should you ever need to reprogram.

RTS Motor Installation with Drip Loop

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smartmotor Altus Motor
Motorized shades are ready to plug into a grounded outlet or they can be hardwired to a junction box. To hardwire to a junction box, install a shut off switch for each motor or disconnect each motor from the power source to program.. Remotes are pre-programmed at the factory. Motorized Shade Junction Box
4+1 Channel Telis Radio Remote and 1 Channel Telis Radio Remote. Remotes hang on the wall with a matching peg. Channel Telis Radio Remotes
White 5 Channel Wall Mounted Wireless Switch Wall Mounted Wireless Switch

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