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Performance (Economical Fiberglass)

Solar Heat Control Properties of PVC Free Supreme
Fabrics Installed Internally, Zero-Degree Profile Angle
*Solar Optical Properties

Shading Coefficient with:

  Single   Insulating
No. Color   TS RS AS TV   1/8CL 1/4CL 1/4HA   1CL 1HA
P62 White   0 65 36 0   0.31 0.31 0.30   0.30 0.24
V40 Onyx   0 64 36 0   0.31 0.31 0.30   0.30 0.24
TS=Solar Transmittance
RS=Solar Reflectance
AS=Solar Absorptance
TV=Visual Transmittance
1/8 CL=1/8″ Clear Glass
1/4 CL=1/4″ Clear Glass
1/4HA=1/4″ Heat Absorbing Glass
1 CL=1″ Insulating Clear Glass
1HG=1″ Insulating Heat Absorbing Glass

*Performance evaluations conducted by Matrix, Inc.

White is on the exterior facing side of the shade material to reflect out the heat.

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