6 Ways to Keep Your Outdoor Living Spaces Cooler

Nothing is better than enjoying your outdoor living space in the summer. Whether a lanai, a porch, a gazebo or an outdoor kitchen, the trick is not to overheat. But how do you keep it cool and comfortable? Luckily, there are a variety of ways to achieve this: Fans It’s vital to keep the air circulating instead of stagnant.

Ceiling Fans

Fans achieve that purpose. But which fan should you choose? While they do not actually lower the temperature in your outdoor space, the breeze from ceiling fans lower your body temperature by cooling your skin, helping perspiration evaporate more rapidly.
Misting Fans: These affordable fans have several mist jets that allow you to adjust the fan speed and aim the cooling breeze where you most need it, lowering the air temperature.

Misting Systems

A more expensive option is a misting system connected to your water source. Such systems help cool the outdoor space when the mist is absorbed into the atmosphere, lowering the temperature of your lanai or outdoor area. These systems generally work best in dry climates, where moisture is evaporated almost instantly, producing a cooling affect.

Blackout Shades

Here is the science on shades. Sunlight converts to heat when it hits something solid. Therefore, when you control the amount of sunlight that enters you control the amount of heat. The greater the light block the cooler the interior.
Blackout Total Privacy Shades are the most effective because they eliminate all light.  But what do you do if you prefer some light?

Transparent Solar Shades

Transparent Solar Shades are a transparent mesh material that filter the sun’s light before it enters, decreasing heat, bright glare and harmful UV rays. Outdoor solar shades reduce more heat than interior ones because they block the light before it has a chance to enter and convert to heat. The heat then dissipates off the back of the shade. With interior shades, the heat has already entered and needs to be reflected out.

Solar shades come in different densities (openness) so you can control the amount of light depending upon whether you are bothered by early morning, late afternoon, or midday sun. Outside only, dark colors stop more heat than white because they absorb more light. Solar shades also allow you to maintain the open feeling of the outdoors with daytime privacy. You always see through to where the light is greatest.

Outdoor Plantings

Plant strategically placed evergreen hedges to cast afternoon shadows that absorb the worst of the heat. Shade trees can also help reduce the bulk of the blaring sun.
Outdoor Furniture with Proper Fabrics
Look for natural canvas fiber furniture cushions that reflect the sun instead of absorbing it. Keep colors light so they reflect the heat instead of absorbing and radiating it.

Stay Hydrated

Keep a supply of cold water handy to keep yourself hydrated. This also helps the body make perspiration which cools you when it evaporates.

Change up the Menu

e) Grilling and outdoor living usually go hand in hand, but often the chef roasts doing it. Grilling also heats up your surroundings. On those dog days, trying switching up the menu with cool salads followed by a refreshing ice cream chaser or cold dessert.

If you have any questions about how our solar shades could work for you please reach out to us, we would love to discuss your options.