Customer Support

Customer Service:
Toll-Free Order Line: (866) 230-4700
If Local to Massachusetts, call 978-470-8082
Fax: (978) 475-6496


To place an order: Please call Toll Free (866) 230-4700 or (978) 470-8082
or email and we will contact you within 24 hours.

We take orders by phone to eliminate costly measuring mistakes.  We will ask you questions to ensure the shade dimensions you’ve given will fit properly and cover the exact space you envision. We will also make sure you have chosen the best shade fabric for your needs. Each order is confirmed by our trained staff and emailed to you for your approval before your order is placed with the factory. You’ve got plenty of time to make changes. We do not come out to measure or install.

This extra personalized step has earned us the Better Bureau Achievement Award and a stellar A+ rating which translates to very satisfied customers and a great track record of success.

We combine premium solar control fabrics with superior mechanical components.  Our shades are built to last. Treat yourself to the highest standard.  Rely on us from beginning to end.


Although problems are rare, every once in a while a shipment could come in damaged by the shipper or with a defect.  Because we are not a local brick and mortar store, and endeavor to make everything right, we ask that you please work with us to correct the problem as we do not have personnel that can fly out to your location.

We pack our shades extremely well.  But once they leave our factory, we are reliant upon the shippers:  FedEx, UPS, Old Dominion and DATS, to deliver them to you without damage.  Unfortunately, they don’t always do this. This is why we always include a detailed list of what to look for when we send you the tracking number.  If you see damage or suspect damage, you must sign for it that way so that we can collect on the insurance we have placed on your items.

In the case of a factory defect, again rare, our customer support is happy to work with you to figure out what part is broken or defective so we can replace it. You may need to cooperate with technical support on the phone and send us photos or videos of the problem so we can get you the right parts, which you or your installer will need to swap out.  Technical support will walk you through any procedure over the phone.

Please keep any packaging materials in case something needs to be sent back for repair. We cannot send you empty shipping boxes. As we state in our warranty, we do not pay for any labor charges associated with replacing defective or damaged parts.  Please inspect the contents and make sure everything is there and intact before scheduling your installer so you minimize return visits.


Business Hours:
Monday-Friday: 9:00AM – 6:00PM (Eastern Standard Time)

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