Outdoor Shade Warranty

North Solar Screen, LLC warranties:

  • Motors, remotes, sensors, controls, for 5 years
  • Cranks, housings, side rails, cables, cable hardware, fabric seams, for 10 years
  • IF INSTALLED WITHIN 3 MILES OF SALTWATER, cranks, housings, side rails, cables, and cable hardware have a reduced warranty of ONE year. Fabric and motor warranties are unchanged.
  • Suntex 90, 95 and 97 fabrics for 10 years, No-See-Um and Insect screens for 10 years, Phifer 4400 Clear Vinyl, Clear Vinyl with Solid Borders and Soltis Blackout for 5 years
  • Shades must be installed correctly per instructions. We will request photos and videos of your installation.
  • Shades must NOT be left down in winds greater than the product is rated for. We may check historic wind speed data in your area.
  • Good for original owner of shades only.
  • Under no circumstances are installer fees covered, regardless of whether it is a warranty issue or not.
  • Replacement parts are sent Ground. If expedited shipping is desired, you may pay the difference between Ground and expedited shipping.


  • Please see our slide show on the Products Page that shows how carefully and meticulously our shades are manufactured and shipped. There are no sharp instruments on site. Fabrics are cut with state-of-the-art lasers, seams are sonically welded, and our tables are rounded and smooth. All shades are thoroughly inspected before they are carefully packaged to ensure they are pristine. Therefore rips, tears, or cuts in the fabric were either caused by the shipping company, opening the boxes with knives or scissors, or happened during installation.


  • If shipping damage exception number is obtained from carrier, all damaged/missing parts are replaced free of charge if reported within 30 business days of delivery. Photographs showing damaged packaging and parts are required.
  • If shipping damage exception number is not obtained from carrier, all damaged/missing parts are replaced free of charge if reported within 4 business days of delivery. Photographs showing damaged packaging and parts are required.


  • If reported within 60 days of receipt of the original order, replacement parts/shipping are free of charge. If reported 61 days or more after receipt of original order, replacement parts are free BUT YOU PAY SHIPPING.
  • Defective means fabric mis-weave, bad powder coat finish, lumpy seams, non- working motors or remotes, or non-working crank gears at installation time. We may request photos and videos.
  • Not as ordered means wrong size, color, fabric, lift system, cable anchor hardware, etc. We may request photos of what you received.
  • Our confirmations detail shade dimensions, fabric dimensions and colors, and all the specifics about the construction of the shades you are ordering. Because we are not on site, it is your responsibility to carefully read them to verify that they are correct when you OK the order.
  • There is a +/- 1/8” production tolerance. For wrong size you must send photos showing the product being measured. We may also request other photos/videos.

DAMAGED (after installation) 

  • We will request photos and video and measurements to try to determine the cause of the problem (for example, failed welds, holes in fabric, cables pulling out, shades rolling crookedly, shades jamming in tracks, etc). Most of these problems are caused by shades being left down in more wind or colder temperatures than they rated for, issues with the installation causing the shade not to track or roll correctly, parts of the structure it is installed on interfering with the fabric and damaging it. If it is determined that the cause is weather or installation related, you will need to purchase replacement parts and pay for shipping regardless of when you report it.
  • Please follow our Tech Support Warranty Photo Guidelines for any items or issues that may be covered under warranty, so we can determine the best way to proceed.
  • Contact us immediately for assistance if the shade:
    • Comes out of the tracks
    • The zipper is folding over (see picture)

    Both situations must be addressed within a week or the fabric may develop a memory for the wrong position (hour glassing if allowed to hang free, or the zipper folding over) and will require purchase of a replacement panel.

  • Damage to shade fabric or failure of bottom pocket weld is NOT covered by warranty if the shade is installed with the fabric overlapping a solid surface (posts, walls, window frames, etc.)
  • If it is determined that a factory defect caused it, if reported before 60 days from receipt of the original order, replacement parts and shipping are free. If reported 61 days or more after receipt of the original order, replacement parts are free BUT YOU PAY SHIPPING.


  • If motor fails in the first 60 days, we will send you a new motor and label for sending the bad motor back no charge. If it is after 60 days, you will be charged $75 for shipping (pickup of bad motor and delivery of new one.)
  • Evidence of water in the motor will void the motor warranty.
  • Operating motorized shades without using the cable guides or side rails voids the motor warranty.


  • Installer fees—ever.
  • Expedited shipping for replacement parts.
  • Damage caused by weather (wind or temperatures that the product is not designed for).
  • Damage caused by improper installation or installing in ways that are against our recommendations.
  • Normal wear and tear, wear from fabric rubbing on walls, posts, or any part of the structure the shade is mounted on, extra bolts you wrongly installed on the shade, or any damage caused by the bottom weight bar hitting posts, walls, etc.
  • Damage to plastic hand brace handles from being left out in the sun or hanging on the shade.
  • Rusting to stainless steel or steel components if within 3 miles of saltwater or adjacent to a chlorinated pool (warranty reduced to one year).
  • Not following the Use & Care Guide on the Citadel High Wind Zipper Track shades will void the warranty.
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