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How to Measure for Fortress Zipper Track Shade System

Clear vinyl outdoor zipper shade system for restaurant

All Fortress High Wind Zipper Tracks are measured the same way no matter what fabric you use.

When measuring the opening for an outside flush/surface mount, just give us your opening dimensions. To allow for the side tracks which are each 2” wide, we will then add 5” to your opening width to make up for any irregularities. The height of the side rails will be from the top of your housing, which is 5 ½” tall to how far down you want the shade to drop. The tracks will be about 2″ longer than needed to allow for any variances. Adjustments will need to be made on site. Continue reading

The Power Of The Fortress

fortress-stacked-1When it comes to the most ruggedly constructed Outdoor retractable shade system on the market, there is one name that reigns supreme. That name?

The Fortress™ High Wind Zipper Track

Able to withstand up to 50 mph winds, this shade wins the frontline battle of shielding your property from the elements. The Fortress™ High Wind Zipper Track is indeed the top tiered difference maker when it comes to forcibly, and securely protecting your surrounding livable space. Continue reading

How Solar Shades Will Save You More Money

Windows have the lowest insulation value of any element in a building and are therefore responsible for the greatest energy loss. 50% of the solar heat that enters a room comes through the glass while 40% of the heat that escapes leaves through it.

Transparent solar shades significantly reduce the high cost of energy consumption for cooling and heating without sacrificing outward visibility. They maintain the open feeling of looking out. Because they quickly pay for themselves, with skyrocketing fuel costs they are like putting money in the bank.

Solar shades are a transparent woven material. They come in different densities or openness factors. The tighter the weave, the more heat that is rejected because light causes heat when it hits something solid and converts to heat energy. Continue reading

Why Skylight Shades Are Essential For Your Home

Roller-Shade-Half-Open-Polynesian-SandsAh, the restorative powers of a bright, sunny sky. The very reason we love our skylights, right? They make the room brighter and give it a more open feeling. But, then there’s that downside. The room gets considerably hotter in the summer, colder in the winter, and furnishings begin to fade. And if the skylights happen to be where you want to take a nap, well, they just plain interfere.

We, at North Solar Screen, offer a variety of custom manufactured skylight shades to help alleviate these problems. Our skylight shades insulate, provide thermal comfort, and actually lower energy bills. They also reduce fading. Whether transparent, light filtering, room darkening, manually operated, or motorized, our treatments work year round to make you more comfortable.

For those who want an easy installation, we offer E-Z Install Skylight shades. They are fixed solar shade or light blocking panels that fit inside the skylight well, using hidden spring tension rods at each end to secure them. No tools are required. Continue reading

Clear Vinyl Outdoor Shades: Heavy-Duty Construction

clear_vinyl_5Choose North Solar Screen’s Heavy-Duty Clear Vinyl Shades to create an outdoor living space protected from the weather and the elements.

Main benefits of our outdoor solar shades:

  • Perfect for homes, cafes, and restaurants.
  • Extend your outdoor living season.
  • Embrace the warmth of the sun while being protected from the weather.
  • Insulate from the cold air.
  • Crank operated or motorized.
  • Custom manufactured up to 20-feet wide.
  • Can withstand high wind loads depending upon construction.

What are clear vinyl shades? Continue reading

Solar Shades: Enjoy the View Without the Harm

Solar shades are the modern window covering solution that keeps homes cooler while on saving energy costs. These transparent shades also protect interior furnishings from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It is important that the shade doesn’t compromise the outward view while keeping your valuable possessions safe from the sun’s fading rays. Shades can be manually operated or motorized.

Our solar shades are custom manufactured to your exact specifications. They reject the sun’s harsh heat during the summer and help to retain the room’s heat during the winter, They are built to last and easy to use. Made with the highest quality materials, our solar shades do a great job of protecting your home furnishings from the fading UV rays, cutting the sun’s glare and keeping the room more comfortable.

Below, we’ll talk a little about how you can enjoy the daytime view without the typical harm associated with harmful UV rays.

How Solar Shades Protect Your Home From UV Rays Continue reading

Protect Your Home From the Harmful Effects of the Sun


Global warming is a topic of hot discussion in today’s world. No matter which side of the debate you’re on, summer is upon us and with it, the need to live comfortably in the heat.

Given the current conditions, we’d like to share a little info on North Solar Screen’s vast line of outdoor solar shades, because really, what’s better than making your outside living spaces more livable? A little known fact is that outdoor solar shades actually stop more heat than indoor ones. Continue reading

50 Shades of Protection

Baby, it’s cold outside.

The question is; what can we do to keep the heat in the bedroom? (Or, all around the house for that matter.)

Shades. That’s how. Just put them down and let the magic happen. Your first thought when it comes to shades is that they provide you with a degree of privacy. This thought was probably a working part of the dialogue that got cut from “50 Shades of Grey,” but hey, we understand that edits must be made.

The second thought you might have is that shades should be an integral part of your energy saving plan. If that wasn’t a thought, it will be moving forward. Be it summer, winter, and all seasons in between, shades can have a lasting impact on your wallet if you’re wise about how you’re integrating them into your home in support of environmental and climate needs.  And, you don’t need to sacrifice outward visibility or have a closed in feeling of complete darkness, unless you want it. Continue reading

Indoor Solar Shades: Mixing Style with Function

Roller-Shade-Half-Open-Polynesian-SandsLet’s talk about the interior of your home for a moment. Most folks try to integrate their unique styles into their personal spaces, which makes sense. One area that may be overlooked is you windows. Did you know that more heat and cold is lost through windows than any other part of the home? What are you doing to maintain your home’s energy efficiency while simultaneously retaining some stylistic appeal?

Transparent solar shades maintain the open feeling of a room. They give full vision out while providing daytime privacy. They come in different densities that allow you to control the amount of light, heat, drafts, glare and UV protection. Solar shades have come a long way. There are now elegant styles that can enhance any décor. While considering your indoor shade options, keep in mind that they should be:

Functional and Appealing Continue reading

Fortress High Wind Zipper Track: Protect Yourself From the Throes of Mother Nature

fortress-clear-vinyl-stackedFortress High Wind Zipper Track: Clear Vinyl with Solid Borders.

Here’s the deal. It’s great to be able to sit outside and enjoy the fresh outdoors. But Mother Nature can turn vicious in the blink of an eye. Whether it’s your home or a commercial establishment, when high winds blow or the rain starts pelting you can still maintain that full, undistorted view without having to run inside.


The Fortress High Wind Zipper Track with Clear Vinyl

It’s the strongest retractable outdoor shade on the market. Bottom line: it can withstand up to 50 mph winds. It’s perfect for enclosing a patio, deck, pergola, porch, lanai, gazebo covered roof area, waterfront home, or even an outdoor restaurant against the elements. What’s great about clear vinyl is that if it’s too cold to sit out, it allows the warm of the sun to fully penetrate your interior space. At night you can add a safe heater, stay toasty warm and stare out to the stars. Continue reading