Introducing the CITADEL Outdoor Shade: The Strongest Retractable Shade System Available

The CITADEL ™ High Wind Zipper Track is the gold standard in custom built outdoor retractable outdoor shade systems. Number 1 in strength, durability and reliability, it completely encloses covered outdoor living spaces, providing the strongest possible seal against the elements.
This advanced system has been engineered with bigger, stronger components that lock the fabric securely into the fabric retention tracks. Free standing shades are securely fastened – so securely they can withstand up to 50 mph winds.

How does The CITADEL ™ work?

–Industrial strength zippers are securely welded to the sides of the fabric.
–As the shade is lowered, the zippers lock into fabric retention tracks that prevent the wind from blowing the shade out of them.
–The weight bar has a pile brush to ensure a flush fit to the floor.
–An extruded aluminum housing box at the top hides and protects the roller.
–The shade glides up and down easily and can be stopped in any position.
The CITADEL ™ can be made using either transparent solar shades, clear vinyl with solid borders, or blackout fabrics. The Citadel Classic spans widths up to 14’, the Citadel Brawny up to 20’ wide.

Why solar shades?

These transparent mesh fabrics screen out the sun’s heat, glare, and harmful UV rays while allowing ventilation. They provide daytime privacy with full vision out. Different densities allow you to customize the amount of sun protection. Extra wide, all-weather are enhanced with a mold and mildew inhibitor.
Why Clear Vinyl with Solid Borders? These shades permit the sun’s warmth to fully penetrate the interior while maintaining a transparent barrier against the elements. Operable down to -20 degrees F without cracking, they also block 90% of the UV.

Extend your outdoor living season

Add a safe heater and stay toasty warm.
What about Blackout Total Privacy fabrics? Totally solid, they completely block all visible light providing both day and night privacy and relief from neighbor’s wandering eyes. Interiors stay noticeably cooler with all harmful UV is blocked. These fabrics withstand temps from – 86 degrees F to 158 degrees F. and will not stretch under heavy loads. Enclose your outdoor space with The CITADEL ™ and stop moving heavy furniture inside for the season.

All shades can be crank operated or motorized. Motors are equipped with an obstacle detection safety feature. An adjustable hem bar for uneven floors is available for the CITADEL ™ Brawny.

Enjoy outdoor living on your own terms. Rule the sun and rule the weather with the CITADEL ™ High Wind Zipper Track

Contact us if you have any questions. We would love to help you find the right shade for your needs!