Verosol Shades: A Product Spotlight

We’re in the dead of winter here in the northeast; single digit temperatures with wind chills dipping down into the negatives. It’s a lot more frigid than frost nipping at your nose. And while we’re dreaming about warmer climes and less bone-chilling days, we thought we’d focus on a transparent shade in our arsenal that actually insulates against both ends of the thermo spectrum.

High Performance Verosol Silver Screen is not your typical solar shade. These decorative linen look fabrics are enhanced with a dulled aluminum finish on the outside facing side to maximize solar heat reflection in the summer while re-radiating the room’s heat and reduce drafts in the winter. It’s actually the most energy efficient solar shade on the market.

What makes it even more appealing? With a regular solar shade, colors closest to white reflect out 30% more heat than darker colors which is significant. But, white can be like looking through gauze. You can’t see clearly. It is also the least glare reducing. Color is not an issue against the heat with Verosol Silver Screen. You can go with a darker color for sharper outward visibility and better glare reduction and still get significant heat reduction – so much heat reduction that a black Verosol Silver Screen actually stops more heat than a plain white solar shade.

One of our customers had this to say about the shade:

“I thought I would let you know that last summer when the temp was 100 plus outside my husband measured the temperature of the glass of the west facing slider with an infrared thermometer, then we pulled the transparent solar shade and measured again and there was a 30 degree difference. We truly love this shade. It makes a big difference in the temperature inside the room.”

Key features:

  • Eliminates 82% of solar effects (Summer)
  • Provides 62% reduction in energy consumption
  • Reduces heat loss through windows by up to 20% (Winter)
  • Solar rejection properties are not color dependent
  • Protects your furnishings and art from fading
  • Increased control of glare
  • Reduces ultraviolet by 94-96%
  • Flame retardant
  • Anti static – repels dust and dirt for easy maintenance
  • Non toxic content, safe for children’s rooms
  • Life long performance because of superior bonding to fabric
  • Reduces echoes for improved room acoustics
  • Considerable energy savings
  • These thermal solar screen shades are lead-free

Why we love these shades:

In short, Verosol Silver Screen Solar Shades work hard but look beautiful. Which is a balance we look for in many areas of our lives, right?

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