How To Save Money With Energy Efficient Window Shades

Windows have the lowest insulation value of any element in a building: 50% of solar heat enters a room through windows while 40% escapes through it. Transparent solar shades are energy saving shades because they significantly reduce the high cost of energy consumption for cooling and heating without sacrificing visibility through a window.

Verosol SilverScreen and Economical Film Shades, are our most efficient transparent energy saving shades and quickly pay for themselves. They have a layer of aluminum to maximize heat rejection in the summer and re-radiate the room’s heat in the winter thus offering savings on energy costs.

Our Insulating Double Honeycomb Light Filtering, Blackout and Skylight Cellular Shades and are also efficient energy saving shades. They trap air in their cells which acts as a barrier against cold air flow in the winter and heat gain in the summer. Optional Side Track systems increase their energy efficiency by 17% and boost the Blackout Insulator Shades to an R rating of 7+.

Our Outdoor Affordable Sun Guardian and Extra Heavy Duty Grande transparent shades are the most energy saving shades against the heat. They started in Europe as a way to keep buildings cool. Because they absorb the solar radiation before it passes through and needs to be reflected out, they keep the interior much cooler. Darker colors on the exterior absorb more light and are therefore 10% more effective against the heat than light colors. They are available in various openness factors, from 10% to 5% 3%. The openness factor is the amount of light that is allowed through the transparent mesh. Tighter weaves give more heat and glare reduction. We also have total light blocking shades for outdoor use.

Clear Vinyl Shades are a great way to extend the use of an outdoor area. Enclose the area with the clear vinyl shades that stop the cold breeze and weather, allow full sun to penetrate to warm it up, use a heater inside to keep it cozy. A lot of people bring their plants into this area so they won’t freeze in the winter. Clear Vinyl Shades are also perfect for restaurants for outside eating areas.