Light Sealed Blackout Cellular Shades

Blackout Cellular Shades with Side Tracks For Total Light Blocking

Combining the insulating and light-blocking qualities of double honeycomb design with the light – and thermal-sealing capabilities of side tracks, this is the top of the line for draft elimination and energy savings.

Maximum Dimensions:

96″w x 120″h (Depending on lift system)
Manual or Motorized

“I’ve had a sleep disorder for years and I can’t thank you enough for the black out shades I’ve installed in my bedroom. FINALLY, I’ve been getting an excellent nights rest and am not “up with the sun” in the morning. Bless you!”


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Light Sealed Description

Light blocking shades combine our energy efficient, insulating blackout cellular shades with light blocking side tracks to seal out all side light and maximize darkness for a restful night of sleep. The light blocking side tracks also form the ultimate seal against drafty windows, increasing energy savings by 17%. They also reduce heat loss in the winter because of drafty windows.

North Solar Screen takes cords and child safety seriously. Our shades are available cordless (recommended where young children are present.) All chain shades have cord safety tensioners to reduce the hazards of cord strangulation or entanglement.

Care & Warranty

Cleaning & Care


light sealed cellular bedroom light blocking shades

Energy Saving Blackout Sidetracks

Made from durable window grade PVC, the energy saving blackout sidetracks seal off the gap between the blackout cellular shade and the window to create a light blocking barrier. The cellular shade runs along the sidetracks on each side of the window. The sidetracks encase the blackout material along front and back providing 2 solid light blocking barriers.

Easy to Install and Remove

Light Sealed Shades are easy to install, and feature removable sidetracks that are attached to the window frame with magnetic strips. Raise the shade and remove the sidetracks for window cleaning. The durable, UV stable sidetracks are available in white, tan or bronze to match your existing trim.

diagram of how the cellular light sealed shade is made

Light Absorbing Technology

The co-extruded blackout sidetracks are black lined to absorb incoming light.

Light Sealed Shade End Caps

The specially designed notched bottom rail end caps fit over the blackout sidetracks and allow for smooth movement when raising and lowering the shade.

Lift Systems

  • Raised and lowered by pulling the thin cord. As you pull the cord, the shade goes up, and the cord becomes longer. Recommended for smaller shades. Breakaway cord for child safety.
  • Max size 96″ x 120″; we recommend Cordloop over 48″ x 120″, 60″ x 96″, 66″ x 84″, 72″ x 78″, 84″ x 66″

Depth required

  • Flush Mount 2″
  • Shallow mount 1 1/2″
Standard Top Down Bottom Up
  • Also have thin cords, one on each side of the shade. One cord lowers and raises the bottom rail of the shade, while the other allows you to raise and lower the top rail of the shade. You can open the top of the window shade but leave the bottom of the window covered for privacy. Breakaway cords for child safety.
  • Max Size: 84″ wide x 96″ high (We recommend Cordloop Top Down Bottom Up over 48″ w x 120″ h, 60″w x 96″h, 66″w x 84″h, 72″w x 78″h, 84″w x 66″h)

Depth Required

  • Flush Mount 2″
  • Shallow mount 1 1/2″
  • Raised and lowered with a loop of thicker cord. Pull on one side of the loop to raise the shade, and the other side of the loop to lower the shade. Cord tensioning devices for child safety.
  • Max size: 96″ wide x 120″ high

Depth Required

  • Flush Mount 2 1/4″
  • Shallow Mount 1 5/8″
Cordloop Top Down Bottom Up
  • Thicker cord loops, one on each side of the shade. One loop lowers and raises the bottom rail of the shade, while the other allows you to raise and lower the top rail of the shade. You can open the top of the window shade but leave the bottom of the window covered for privacy. Cord tensioning devices for child safety.
  • Max Size 96″ wide x 120″ high

Depth Required

  • Flush Mount 2 1/4″
  • Shallow Mount 1 5/8″
Cordless and Cordless Top Down Bottom Up–Only for Single Cell fabric
  • Raised and lowered by simply pushing the bottom rail up or down by hand. The ultimate in child safety—no dangling cords or loops.
  • Max size: 96″ wide x 84″ high

Depth required

  • Flush Mount 2 1/4″
  • Shallow Mount 1 5/8″
  • Simplicity12V Rechargeable Battery Operated motor. Operates with handheld  multi channel remote.
  • Max sizes: 48″ w x 120″ h, 60″w x 96″h, 66″w x 84″h, 72″w x 78″h, 84″w x 66″h,108″w x 48″h

Depth required

  • Flush Mount 2 1/4″ for shade
  • Shallow Mount 1 5/8″best-for-kids-badge

Motorization Options

Simplicity Battery Operated Rechargeable Motors
  • Motor and rechargeable lithium ion battery in motor casing are concealed in roller
  • No special wiring requirements
  • Rechargeable battery comes fully charged from factory, no external battery wand is required
  • Factory programs upper and lower limit stops but does not program channels because that needs to be completed after shade installation.
  • Average battery charge lasts 6-12 months under normal use one cycle per day
  • Battery can be recharged up to 500 times
  • Takes approximately 5 hours to recharge a depleted motor
  • Recharge when shade starts running slow to avoid losing programming
  • Shade will beep when the remote button is pressed.
motorization remotes

Simplicity 5 Channel Remote features 5 individual frequency channels and an “All” channel that operates all the shades at once. The Simplicity 5 Channel Remote is available in white or black.

Simplicity 6 Channel Timer Remote The 6 Channel Timer Remote combines the functionality of a hand-held control with the convenience of a programmable timer. The 6C remote allows for up to 18 scheduled actions. The remote comes with a holder which can be mounted to a wall for easy access. The 6C remote is available in white.


  • 5 Channel hand held remote is standard
  • 6 Channel timer/ remote combines functionality of 6 channel hand-held control and programmable timer.
  • Timer allows for different scheduled actions each day of the week
  • Manual function disables timer and remote can work as a 6 Channel remote
  • 6 Channel remotes and holders are white
  • Holder can mount to a wall for easy storage
  • Range of remote is approximately 80 feet
Battery Charger
battery charger for motorized shade pull

8.4 volt charger plugs into standard power outlet to recharge

Plugs into charging port of motor

Charger is black and comes with 13 feet of wire

New: EZ Charge Extension Wand Great for Out of Reach Windows

EZ Charge Extension Wand easily recharges your hard to reach Simplicity Rechargable Shades. The wand extends up to 31” in length. Simply touch the magnetized wand tip to the port to attach. Then plug the charger into the base of the wand.

EZ Charge Wall Mount Receiver can be  easily concealed by a valance

Effortless operation

EZ- charge wand
EZ Charge Wall mount Receiver
  • The EZ Charge Wall Mount Receiver includes screws and anchors. These can be used for wood or drywall mounting.
  •  Extension cable plugs into charging port of Simplicity Rechargeable shades.
wand and battery charger

Battery Charger – SOLD SEPARATELY. You must specify charger when ordering a Simplicity Rechargeable Motorized Shade. The charger plugs into the wand base. The 8.4 Volt charger requires a standard power outlet to recharge the motor. The charger is black and comes with a 156” wire. The dimensions are 1” wide x 2½” length x 13⁄4” deep.

Simplicity Smart App Controller
simplicity app

The Simplicity Smart Controller powered by NEO Smart Blinds App is a small device that you install in your home that allows you to set automatic opening and closing times for all Simplicity motorized shades from your Apple or Android Smartphone, voice controlled Amazon, Google home automation device, tablet, or PC anywhere in world.

  • Works with Apple and Android Smartphones
  • Free downloadable app
  • Compatible with previously installed Simplicity motorized shades
  • Can schedule operation up to 14 shades in a single room or every shade throughout the house


  • Download the free NEO Smart Blinds App from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and create an account.
  • Purchase our palm sized Simplicity Smart WIFI Controller
  • Plug into a central location with a strong QIFI signal
  • Add your shades in the app
  • Controller has same range as remote (150 feet) so one per floor is usually sufficient

Simplicity Smart Controller                        One box/2000 sq. ft recommended


Side Track Colors

Bronze, Tan and White Available

bronze side track for light sealed cellular shades


Tan colored side track for cellular blackout light sealed


diagram of how the cellular light sealed shade is made



Depth Required

  • Standard and Standard Top Down/Bottom Up: Minimum Depth 1 1/2″, Flush Mount 2″
  • Cord Loop, Cord Loop Top Down Bottom Up, Cordless, and Cordless Top Down Bottom Up: Minimum Depth 1 5/8″, Flush Mount 2 1/4″ The shade’s light blocking ability is compromised by using any other mount than a Flush Mount.
  • No Shallow Mount with Light Sealed Tracks.

Maximum Shade Sizes

(Please contact us for larger sizes.)

  • Standard: 96″ wide x 120″ high (we recommend Cord Loop over 72″ wide)
  • Standard Top Down/Bottom Up: 84″ wide x 96″ high (we recommend Cord Loop Top Down Bottom Up over 72″ wide
  • Cord Loop and Top Down Bottom Up Cord Loop: 96″ wide x 120″ high
  • Cordless and Cordless Top Down Bottom Up: 96″ wide x 84″ high

Measuring: Precise width measurements are critical for proper performance of Light Sealed Shades. Measure to the nearest 1/16 and provide the narrowest width measurement along the top middle and bottom of the opening. The widest width of the window cannot exceed the narrowest width of the window by more than 1/4″. Measure the height on both the left and right and provide us with the taller height. You may need to trim the top (notched end) of the rail  for the short side.  Side rails are manufactured 1/8″ shorter than your measured inside height to make sure they will fit. Use included foam strips to seal any gaps.

Thermal Energy

Sustainable Manufacturing
Capable of being continued or maintained with minimal long term effects on the environment.


Energy Thermal Efficiency
Reducing energy consumption and cost by preventing solar heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter.

Responsible Materials
Those that have a lesser impact on humanity and the environment. Responsible materials are made from renewable resources or recycled content, they emit low VOC’s such as toxins, allergens and carcinogens, and can be disposed of by recycling or reusing.

They also act as a barrier against cold air flow in winter, locking warm air inside. Available in the same light filtering and blackout options as our regular cellular shades, they are for inside frame mounts only. The cellular insulated blackout shades provide the maximum insulation values.

Measuring Videos
Inside Frame Mount
Measuring Instructions
Materials needed for measuring
  • Available for inside mount only (photo 1)
  • Always use a steel measuring tape. (photo 2)
  • Measure to the nearest 1/8” (photo 3) Round DOWN, not UP, if it is 1/16th over.
  • Tell us raw measurements. Do not take your own deductions.
  • Always give width before height
  • And always, feel free to call us for help and email us photos of the site.
Inside Frame Mount
Height and width for measuring inside mount window shades
  • Measure width at top, middle, and bottom (A) Tell us the raw measurements. Let us take the deduction for fit. We will tell you fabric width.
  • Measure the height (B)
Light Sealed Cellular Samples

Light Sealed Cellular Samples



Maximize the Insulation of Your Cold, Drafty Windows – PVC Free
Noise Reducing Shade

Only available with a cordloop

We are happy to send you up to SIX swatches per shade type.

Comfortex Simplicity Rechargeable Motorization
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