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Modular Light Sealed

Seals out all side and back light.

Our total light sealed systems enhance energy savings because they seal out all side light and drafts on the sides, bottom and top of a shade. Ideal for oversized windows, can be inside or outside mounted.

Maximum Dimensions:
144″w x 134″h
Chain operated or motorized

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  • Modular Light Sealed System Description

    • For chain operated or motorized roller shades
      up to 144" wide x 134" high.
    • For both inside and outside frame mounts or windows more
      than 1/2" out of square.
    • Light blocking fascia, side and bottom channels available in white, anodized, bronze and black, can be purchased separately.
    • Use with Economical Vinyl/Fiberglass Blackout Shades
      or PVC Free Supreme Blackout Shades.
    • All items are priced individually.

    Care & Warranty

    Cleaning & Care

  • Modular Light Sealed System

    Fascia Color Options

    See specification tab for light blocking profiles

    Valance DetailFascia White
    Valance DetailFascia Bronze
    Fascia BlackFascia Black
    Anodized FasciaAnodized Fascia

    Detailed Anodized Fascia

    Motorization Options

    New Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Motors by Rollease

    Single Channel RemoteSingle Channel Remote
    15 Channel Remote15 Channel Remote
    15 Channel RemoteA.C. Charger
    15 Channel Remote15 Cable Connection







    These radio control rechargeable battery motors are user friendly. They are available in 3 different sizes to accommodate:
    SMALL: up to 48”w x 60”h
    MEDIUM: up to 84”w x 84”h
    LARGE: up to 120”w x 120”h

    The Levelling Control feature allows for precise positioning of multiple shades ensuring perfect alignment. Additionally, a favorite position can be pre-set and recalled at any time. This motor is inside the roller and has a 12V built in Li-ion battery pack with integrated charge management. Under normal use, (once or twice a day) batteries could last up to a year. Remotes are available either as a 1 channel for a single shade or a 15 channel for multiple shades.

    The motor has a little wire that plugs into a cable to recharge. Shades come with 12 feet of cable but you need to purchase the AC charger that plugs into an outlet. There is also a little antenna. Before the first use please charge the motor for 6 hours using the recommended AC charger.

    During operation, if the voltage drops to less than 10V the motor will beep 10 times to prompt that it needs to be charged. The motor will stop running when the voltage is lower than 7v and will resume when the voltage is greater than 7. Under normal (once or twice a day)

    SOMFY Battery Operated Radio Motor

    Somfy 12V Battery Operated motor with reloadable Battery wand. Operates with handheld or wall mounted single or multi channel remotes. Transformers available to save on batteries, as well as timers for the ultimate in convenience.

    • Powered by a Battery Wand that uses 8 Lithium Batteries. (Batteries are not rechargeable)
    • Multi channel remotes can operate up to 100 shades. The last button opens and closes all simultaneously.
    Round Radio HeadRound Radio Head Motor
    Reloadable Battery WandReloadable Battery Wand
    BlackRadio Remotes
    Dark BrownWall Mounted Wireless Switch








    110V Plug In Motor With Radio Remote


    Motor plugs into Standard 110V Outlet, shipped with 6 feet of wire and a plug, special order longer wire.
    (Do not shorten power cables to less than 42" because the antenna is in the cable and the motor will not work if the antenna is cut.)

    Motor is inside shade roller, on right or left your choice, only power cord sticks out.
    Each shade is controlled by a hand held remote or wireless wall switch.
    Control single or multiple shades by pressing a button, shade can be set to stop at a mid point or run to the limit stops

    Motors use about 1.5 amps, remote range 100 ft.
    To hardwire to a junction box install a shut off switch for each motor so you can disconnect each motor from power source to program.

    Somfy RemotesSomfy Remotes
    Wall ControlWall Control

  • Modular Light Sealed System

    Light sealing parts can be ordered separately.

    Light Blocking Fascia, Side Channels and Bottom Channel Specifications
    Light Blocking Fascia

    • Seals out light from behind the roller
    • 3" high x 3" deep for smaller or battery operated shades
    • 4" high x 4" deep for larger shades and other motorization
    White FasciaFront - White Fascia
    White FasciaBack - White Fascia





    Side Channels - Front view

    • 2 1/2" x 3/4"
    Side Channels WhiteSide Channels - Front view
    Side Channels- 3/4 view to show interior
    • inside depth approximately 5/8"
    Side Channels WhiteSide Channels - Slot











    Bottom Channel
    Seals out bottom light

    • Actually a side channel turned upwards that the shade drops into
    • 2 1/2" high
    • Available in white, anodized, bronze and black

    Side Channels White

    Light Blocking Fascia Profiles
    This fascia acts like a cassette box. However, unlike a cassette it flips open should you need to access the shade.

    3 Inch Dual Fascia
    3 Inch Dual Fascia
    4 Inch Dual Fascia
    4 Inch Dual Fascia

  • Modular Light Sealed Economical Vinyl Fiberglass Blackout Samples

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    Gray White*








    Cocoa White*


    Bayberry White*


    Slate White*


    Wedgewood White*


    Green White*


    Blue White*


    Black White*

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    Product Description

    Material Specifications: 100% Light Blocking,  4-ply

    Construction: 1 Layer Fiberglass,  3 Layers of Vinyl

    *White is the exterior facing side of the shade material to reflect out the heat.

    We are happy to send you up to SIX swatches per shade type.

    Modular Light Sealed PVC Free Supreme Blackout Shade Sample

    Click swatches to add to cart.

    PVP White


    PVP Birch


    PVP Sand


    PVP Wheat


    PVP Graphite


    PVP Onyx


    PVP Canyon


    PVP Mushroom

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    Product Description

    Solar Heat Control Properties of PVC Free Supreme

    Fabrics Installed Internally, Zero-Degree Profile Angle


    *Solar Optical Properties
    Shading Coefficient with:
    Single Insulating
    No. Color TS RS AS TV 1/8CL 1/4CL 1/4HA 1CL 1HA
    P62 White 0 65 36 0 0.31 0.31 0.30 0.30 0.24
    V40 Onyx 0 64 36 0 0.31 0.31 0.30 0.30 0.24
    TS=Solar TransmittanceRS=Solar Reflectance

    AS=Solar Absorptance

    TV=Visual Transmittance


    1/8 CL=1/8″ Clear Glass1/4 CL=1/4″ Clear Glass

    1/4HA=1/4″ Heat Absorbing Glass

    1 CL=1″ Insulating Clear Glass1HG=1″ Insulating Heat Absorbing Glass
    *Performance evaluations conducted by Matrix, Inc.

    White is on the exterior facing side of the shade material to reflect out the heat.

    We are happy to send you up to SIX swatches per shade type.

  • Modular Light Sealed System

    Installation PDFs

    Repair/Replace PDFs

    Programming/Wiring PDFs

    Li-ion  Motors

    Somfy Motors