Honeycomb Cellular Skylight Shades

Stop Losing Money Because of Drafty Skylight Windows

Our Double Honeycomb Insulated Cellular Shades can also be made into insulating skylight shades that glide in retainer tracks to stay in place.  These insulated skylight shades provide thermal and draft protection. By acting as a thermal barrier, the cellular shade air pockets trap cool air inside reducing unwanted heat gain in summer, while in the winter months trapping the heat inside. Available in light filtering or light blocking fabrics.

Maximum Dimensions:
48″w x 96″h (No more than 24 square feet)
depending on slope of roof

Manual Operation

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Double Honeycomb Cellular Skylight Shade Description

With its elegant 3/8″ pleat double honeycomb design, SymphonyTM Light Filtering and Light Blocking Cellular Thermal Shades help to insulate your home against drafts and air leaks. The non-woven polyester fabric blocks 99% of UV Rays as it reduces the glare and diffuses the light. They also reduce heat loss in the winter because of drafty windows.


  • White Polycarbonate Skylight Shade Track System provides support and forms a barrier around the edge of the skylight shade increasing energy savings.
  • Color coordinated aluminum head and bottom rails are fixed to the skylight well. Side Rails are white.
  • White side cords are not exposed No exposed cords eliminates risk of injury to children.
  • Operates as a top down shade.
  • Shade handle is an indentation in the bottom rail that you can grab with fingers or the Extension Pole.
  • Minimum depth for installation 1 1/4″, Minimum flush inside mounting surface 2 1/4″, For recessed handle 2 11/16″.
  • Side rails are 1″ wide and 1 1/2″ deep.
  • Skylights must not be more than 3/8″ out of square (measure the diagonals and compare) and the widest width can’t be more than 3/8″ wider than the narrowest width.
  • For high skylights, 3′ fixed length and 5′ extendable (extends to 10′)  Poles are specially designed to fit into the handle of the shade for easy operation at any angle. Order the size you need.
  • For Inside mount Only: Measure window width and height in three places to the closest 1/8″. Order the narrowest width and shortest height.
  • Skylights require at least 2” of space between finished shade and glass to avoid thermal heat buildup.
Care & Warranty

Cleaning & Care


Standard Head and Bottom Rail Color: Color coordinated with fabric. You can order Fabric Wrapped Head and Bottom rail for an up charge.

Standard Side Rail Color: White. No option.

Shade Poles: 3′ fixed length and 5′ extendable pole (extends to 10′) available.


When ordering Cellular Skylight Shades it is necessary to tell us if your ceiling angle is the typical 15-75 degrees or whether it is a horizontal or vertical application because different skylight shade size limitations apply.

  • Ceiling Slope 0-15 degrees Total Skylight Shade Area Must Not Exceed 24 Square Feet
    • Width: 15″ minimum – 36″ maximum
    • Height: 12″ minimum – 96″ maximum
  • Ceiling Slope (Angled, Typical 15-75 degrees) Total Skylight Shade Area Must Not Exceed 24 Square Feet
    • Width: 15″ minimum – 48″ maximum
    • Height: 12″ minimum – 96″ maximum
  • Ceiling slope (Vertical 75-90 degrees) Total Skylight Shade Area Must Not Exceed 18 Square Feet
    • Width: 15″ minimum – 48″ maximum
    • Height: 12″ minimum – 72″ maximum
  • These skylight shades are PVC free. Skylight shades are shipped with all the necessary hardware.
  • Depth of Side Rails: 1 1/2″; Width (as viewed from room): 1″
  • Skylights require at least 2” of space between finished shade and glass to avoid thermal heat buildup.

Color Disclaimer For Cellular Shades:
Cellular Skylight Shades could vary slightly in color from one dye lot to the next. If you must order skylight shades at different times we recommend doing so by room. Order all the shades that are going in the same room at the same time.

Skylight Well Diagrams


Review an Energy Savings Report (pdf) on Comfortex Symphony Cellular Window Shades. Blackout fabrics will add an additional 10% savings to the figures in the report.

How To Measure For Skylight Shades
Materials needed for measuring
  • (Photo 1) These shades are only available as an inside mount.
  • (Photo 2) Always use a steel measuring tape.
  • (Photo 3) Measure to the nearest 1/8”. Round DOWN, not UP, if it is 1/16th over.
  • Tell us raw measurements. Do not take your own deductions.
  • Always give width before height
  • Measure the diagonals (top left to bottom right and vice versa)
  • And always, feel free to call us for help and email us photos of where you are installing.
Inside Frame Mount
Measuring diagram for how to measure for skylight shades
  • Width: Measure in 3 places: top, middle and bottom
  • Height: Measure in 3 places: top, middle and bottom
  • Order your product at the narrowest width and the shortest height
  • Measure the diagonals of your skylight (top right corner to bottom left corner and top left corner to bottom right corner). These measurements should not differ by more than 3/8″.

Double Honeycomb Skylight Light Filtering Sample



Double HoneyComb Skylight Blackout Samples


Please note: The preview images are for color display purposes only: (Our Bottom bar is thinner than what is depicted in this preview).

Installation PDFs

Download PDFs to Review Below.

Skylight Well Diagrams

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