50 Shades of Protection

Baby, it’s cold outside.

The question is; what can we do to keep the heat in the bedroom? (Or, all around the house for that matter.)

Shades. That’s how. Just put them down and let the magic happen. Your first thought when it comes to shades is that they provide you with a degree of privacy. This thought was probably a working part of the dialogue that got cut from “50 Shades of Grey,” but hey, we understand that edits must be made.

The second thought you might have is that shades should be an integral part of your energy saving plan. If that wasn’t a thought, it will be moving forward. Be it summer, winter, and all seasons in between, shades can have a lasting impact on your wallet if you’re wise about how you’re integrating them into your home in support of environmental and climate needs.  And, you don’t need to sacrifice outward visibility or have a closed in feeling of complete darkness, unless you want it.

50 Shades of Protection.

Technically we probably have far more than 50 options once you start weighing the patterns, colors, and designs of the products we offer here at North Solar Screen. But the general gist of it is this: We have the indoor shades you need to keep heat in when you want to lock it in, and, on the flip side, out when you want it out. Be kind to your body. Embrace “the moment” as it arises. Utilize the technology advances present in shades.

Here’s an overview of how we can help:

First, we exceed industry standards in the construction of our indoor shades to ensure longer life, greater climate control, ease of operation, and more money saving opportunities with our line of insulating shades. Our premium quality shade materials are matched with superior industry leading mechanical components to give you a shade built to last, and keep you comfortable day in and day out, from season to season.

Here are five options we have to offer:

Solar Shades – Custom manufactured transparent Solar Shades cut glare and dramatically reduce UV rays that cause fading in your home. In other words, these shades aid in protecting you as well as your possessions. Different densities allow you to control the amount of sun protection while maintaining the view. They provide daytime privacy.

Solar Shade Products:

Film Shades – Recommended by Natural Home Magazine, North Solar Screen’s Film Shades are like putting sunglasses on your windows. These thermal shades control solar heat, glare and 99.9% of the UV rays that are finding their way into your home. They also re-radiate the room’s heat in the winter – again, keeping the room warmer and energy costs down.

Film Shade Products:

Blackout Roller Shades – It’s good to spend some time in the bedroom. Sleep is important. We function better, and generally have a better life experience when we’re not fatigued and saddled by sleeplessness. Darken a room for a more restful night’s sleep. But these shades don’t stop there. You can use Blackout Roller Shades in home theaters, examining rooms, and light sensitive labs. These room-darkening shades also provide excellent insulation by stopping hot and cold transfer through glass.

Blackout Roller Shade Products:

Cellular Shades – North Solar Screen’s Cellular Shades double cell honeycomb construction is one of the best insulating shades on the market. These shades trap air in two rows of cells creating an attractive, energy efficient and versatile barrier against UV, glare, heat and drafts. They are the ultimate in reducing the heat, or the cold – whatever the situation calls for. They’re PVC free, and again, are a summer and winter energy efficient entity that simply must be considered.

Cellular Shade Products:

Skylight Shades – Our final chapter in our 50 shades of insulation saga… Don’t forget your skylights! While beautiful additions to your home, you must remember to get them under control so they contribute to the ambiance, comfort, and energy efficiency of your home. You may not pay them much attention (when you’re not staring at the stars through them), but skylights are in dire need of North Solar Screen’s shade support as well. With brand new technological advances, North Solar Screen has exactly what you need to get them on par with the rest of the windows in your home.

Skylight Shade Products: