CITADEL Classic High Wind Blackout

CITADEL Classic™ High Wind
Zipper Track Blackout Shades

Outdoor Shades For Heavy Winds

The CITADEL Classic™ Zipper Track with blackout fabrics is by far the strongest retractable shade available against the elements. Fully encloses your outdoor covered spaces for day and night time privacy. Durable Soltis blackout fabric can support temperatures ranging from -86ºF to 158ºF.

This shade withstands winds up to 50 mph.
Identifying Wind Speed

Maximum Dimensions:
14’w x 10’t (168w” x 120t”)
4 ½” housing box, 2 1/4” wide Side Rails (Fabric Retention Tracks)

Crank operated or motorized

For larger shades upgrade to CITADEL Brawny™ blackout shades

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CITADEL Classic™ Zipper Track Blackout Description

The Citadel High Wind Zipper Track ™ is replacing the Fortress Zipper Track ™. We will continue to offer the Fortress until 12/31/2020 and continue to stock parts for the following year.

If you need a strongly built blackout shade with sealed protection that can take on high winds, the elements, heat and cold, The CITADEL Classic™ High Wind Zipper Track retractable system provides the strongest possible seal. Our rugged outdoor blackout shade material provides both day and nighttime privacy. It fully encloses covered roof areas against the wind, weather, insects, critters, dirt and pollen.

Custom manufactured up to 14’ wide, its advanced design and more robust components truly set the standard of excellence in fabric retention systems.

How Does it Work?
An extruded aluminum housing box at the top houses and protects the roller. Industrial strength zippers are securely welded to the sides of the fabric. As the shade is lowered, the zippers lock into sturdy fabric retention tracks that prevent the wind from blowing the shade out of them. The shade glides up and down easily and can be stopped in any position.

CITADEL ™ Soltis Blackout Fabrics

  • Keep interiors noticeably cooler, block UV
  • Complete darkness and privacy day or night
  • Can support temperature ranges from -86ºF to 158ºF.
  • High tenacity weather resistant polyester
  • Will not stretch under heavy loads
  • Colorfast, dirt resistant, dual colored
  • Shade larger than 67”w x 64”h will be seamed with sonic welding

The CITADEL Powerful Difference

  • Larger 2 3/4” diameter heavy walled rollers prevent sagging, spline runs full width of shade
  • Broader 2 1/4” fabric retention tracks house thicker zippers and wider fabric retention bands provide the most robust seal
  • Zippers run full height of shade for an uninterrupted bond
  • Advanced funnel system guides fabrics smoothly into tracks as diameter of roller changes
  • New interlocking system on housing box simplifies installation
  • Contoured metal weight bar integrates into track more cohesively to complete solid seal
  • New interlocking system on extruded aluminum housing box simplifies installation
  • Removable Snap cover on retention track eases installation into stone
  • Choice of brush piles ensure a flush fit to the ground: .1/2”, 1” or 2”
  • Metal components are all corrosion resistant: powder coated aluminum, powder coated steel, stainless steel or galvanized, available in 8 matching colors
  • Motors are equipped with obstacle detection safety feature
  • One properly sized free hand brace per order

Perfect for waterfront homes where high winds and the elements might be an issue. Instead of moving big furniture inside when you leave for a season, enclose it with the CITADEL Zipper Track. Upon returning simply hose down the tracks to make sure they are clear of dirt and debris before lifting the shade.

Fire Rating:
(Flame Retardant)  1/ NFPA 701 • CSFM T19 • Class A/ ASTM E84

Care & Warranty

Important Information
Cleaning & Care
Packaging & Shipping
How Our Shades Are Meticulously Assembled and Packed

CITADEL Classic™ Blackout Zipper Track Construction

CITADEL shades are wind rated at 50 mph. Shades must be mounted to the underside of a beam/ceiling or to the face of a beam/wall. They cannot be ‘end mounted’

  1. Rollers are heavy walled 2 ¾” diameter to prevent sagging. Fabric is secured to the roller with a sturdy keder  that runs in a grove in the roller the full width of the shade and is permanently affixed to the fabric so that it cannot slide out.  .
  2. Side Rail Systems Larger industrial strength zippers and wider fabric retention bands lock the fabric more securely into 2 ¼” side rails. Zippers extend all the way to the bottom of the hem bar for a tighter fit. The improved funnel system feeds the fabric from multiple angles allowing more versatility. Snap Track Cover is removable (good if you are embedding into stone.)
  3. Housing Boxes to hide and protect the roll are corrosive resistant, powder coated, extruded aluminum. They’ve been equipped with a new interlock system for easier install. The CITADEL Classic uses a 4 ½” size housing box available in 8 colors .
  4. Weight Bar Powder coated aluminum colors match the side rails and housing. Fitted with a choice of standard pile brushes ½ ”,1” or 2” they create a weather seal that adheres the shade to the floor.. (When fully retracted, there will be about 2” of bottom slat and ¼” to 1 ½” of brush that will still hang below the housing.) 2” pile brush helps compensate for slanted floors. .
  5. Metal Components are made of corrosion resistant materials (powder coated aluminum, powder coated steel, stainless steel, or galvanized steel.).
  6. Hand brace: Each crank operated shade order comes with ONE free properly sized hand brace in choice of 3 colors. in heights of either 48″, 60″, 72″, 84″ or 97″ tall. Move the hand brace from shade to shade to operate them. Order extras for convenience.
  7. You will need to supply your own Torx Screws for mounting your shades.

General Info About Motors

General Information About XQ5 and Somfy Motors
5 Year Warranty

Standard outdoor motor is the XQ5 Premium Radio Controlled with built in radio receiver. Best price point.

  • Order housing box to prevent water from shorting out the motor unless installing into water tight pocket
  • Create a drip loop to prevent water from running down the cord into the motor head. (Run power cord down from the motor up to the outlet so water will drip off the bottom of the cord and not run up)
  • Motors can be ordered on the right or left and plug into a grounded outlet
  • Motors are 120V and draw about 1.6 amps, operating temperature range is from 14 to 104 degrees F (-10 to 40 degrees C.)
  • Remotes are either hand- held or surface mounted wireless wall switches and come single channel for one shade or multi channel for several shades. Factory programs the remotes to the motors, you set the limit stops. (Programming instructions are in the Installation/Videos tab.
  • XQ5 Motors come with an 8’ power cord (16′ or 32′ can be ordered)
  • Somfy Motors come with a 12’ power cord (24′ can be ordered)
  • Do not cut motor wires shorter than 36” as you will be cutting the antenna and seriously reducing the range of the remote.
  • Hardwiring requires installing a shut-off switch for each motor to disconnect each separately from power should you need to reprogram
  • Upgrade to Somfy Motor for home automation or phone apps
  • Motors do not have a manual override

Motor Accessories

XQ5 Premium Motor Controls
White Smart Line Handheld Remote

Hand held Smart Line Remotes come as 1 channel or 5 channel and are available in white only. The battery is CR2430. (5 channel remote has 5 separate channels plus an ‘all’ channel.)

White Dekora Smart Line Remote

Dekora Smart Line Remote is a wireless wall switch that avoids cutting into drywall. It does not require an electrician. Available as single channel or five channel. The 5 channel has five separate channels plus an “all” button.” It is battery operated and easy to install. Available in white only.

Slim Line Timers 

The timer is a multifunction remote with 90 channels display and timer.  You can program up to 6 groups of 15 channels each. It also has a clear plastic wall bracket.

slimline timers for remotes

Climate Sensors (Wind or Sun/Wind) XQ5 Premium Motor

  • Wind and Sun/Wind Sensors can automatically retract shades between 6-31 mph 
  • Sensors plug into a grounded outlet
  • Set limit stops with any QX5 remote, Wind Sensors do not require the SOLE one channel remote, but the Sun/ Wind sensor does to turn sensor function on and off. 
  • Best to have one wind sensor for each direction shades are facing because wind comes at them differently
  • When wind higher than your setting is sensed for a duration of 2 minutes, the shades will automatically retract. Once the wind speed has lowered to below your setting and has remained lower for 20 minutes, you will be able to control your shade with your remote. 
  • With the Sun and Wind Sensor, shades will go down by themselves when the wind stops. The 20 minutes is from when the wind is reduced. If it goes back above your setting before the 20 minutes is up it will be yet another 20 minutes before you or the sun sensor can lower the shade. In other words, if you have the Sun and Wind Sensor, after the 20 minutes of calm, if the sun is still shining on the sun sensor, the shade WILL go back down. If all you have is the wind sensor, it will not
Wind Sensor In Action
windsensor-for exterior shades
Wind Sensor
SOL One Channel Remote

Somfy offers a variety of ways to control and safeguard your shades.  It is also compatible with home automation.

Hand Held Remotes
Somfy one channel and multi channel remotes
  • One Channel for single shade
  • Multi-Channel to operate up to 4 individually or as a group
  • 16 channels to operate up to 15 individually or in a group;
  • Available white, ivory, black
Wireless Wall Switch
Multi and single channel wall switch
  • Battery-powered wireless wall switch, ideal control when entering or exiting a space
  • Available as single or multi- channel in white or ivory.
  • We recommend ordering the hand -held remote for easier programming of limit stops 
Timer & Remote
Somfy remote control 2
  • If used with 1 shade, timer can be used to set limit stops
  • Multiple shades require multi-channel remote to set limit stops
  • Can be set to raise and lower shades once a day
  • If used in conjunction with wind sensor, wind sensor will lower and raise, use remote to lower after wind dies down
  • Timer will not lower shades again that same day, it sends only one lower and raise signal per day
Sun & Wind Sensor
Somfy sun and wind sensor image
  • Must order Soliris hand-held remote to set sun sensor and program limit stops (wall mounted remotes can’t do it)
  • Wind and Sun/Wind Sensors can automatically retract shades between 6-31 mph 
  • Sensors plug into a grounded outlet, best to have one for each direction shades are facing as wind comes at them differently
  • Shades will lower when wind higher than your setting is sensed for a duration of 2 minutes
  • Shades will lower when enough light is sensed or retract when light dims because of nightfall, clouds, shadows, trees, etc.
  • If sun sensor has lowered shade but wind exceeds your setting the wind sensor will override the sun sensor and raise the shade
  • Once wind is reduced to below your setting for 15 minutes with sun shining on the sensor, the shade will be lowered again
  • Passing clouds and shades could possibly raise and lower shade many times a day with the wind sensor also raising it for wind
  • You may disconnect the sun sensor and just operate it manually, but you can’t disconnect the wind sensor as the shade will search for a signal from a disconnected wind sensor every hour and behave erratically
Rain & Sun Sensor
Somfy rain and wind sensor
  • Requires Soliris hand- held remote to set sun sensor which can also be used to program limit stops (wall mounted remotes can’t do it)
  • These are solar powered so no need to plug in sensors
  • Recommended especially for our clear vinyl shades if you need them lowered for rain
  • Set rain sensor from condensation/fog to heavy rain; snow will also activate it
  • Sun sensor raises shade when it senses enough light, or lower when senses not enough because of nightfall, clouds, shadows from trees, etc.
  • If sun sensor has raised the shade but rain exceeds your setting, the rain sensor will override the sun sensor and lower the shade to care of showers.
  • Once rain is reduced to below your setting for 2 minutes with the sun shining on the sensor, the shade will be raised again
  • Passing clouds and shadows could raise and lower shade many times a day with rain sensor also lowering it for rain
  • You can disconnect sun sensor and just operate it with the remote, but you can’t disconnect the rain sensor as the shade will behave erratically searching for a signal from the disconnected rain sensor every 20 minutes
(App is free, but you buy the MyLink)
My link smart shades remote
  • Smart Phone app controls shades from afar but requires a security camera to know if shades are up or down
  • App is free but you buy the My Link.
  • Requires regular hand- held remote to set limit stops
  • If used with a wind sensor shade can be lowered after 15 minutes of reduced wind, again need a security camera to show position of shade
  • Has a built- in timer you can set for up to 5 raise and lowers per day
  • If used with a wind sensor and shade was raised because of wind, shade can automatically lower at a preset time as long as the wind was not blowing at that time
How to Measure for the CITADEL™ Zipper Track Shade System

For inside frame mount give us your opening dimensions. Measure the width at the top, middle and bottom. Always take the narrowest dimension. We will deduct 3/4″ to allow for fastening housings and “L” mounting channel thickness. Measure the height in three places. Always use longest measurement.

For outside flush/surface mount, also give us your opening dimensions. The sidetracks for the CITADEL Classic are each 2 ¼” wide. We will add 5” to your opening width to make up for any irregularities. The sidetracks for the CITADEL Brawny are each 2 ½” wide. We will add 6” to your opening width to make up for any irregularities. The height of the side rails will be from the top of your housing to how far down you want the shade to drop. The tracks will be several inches longer than needed to allow for any variances. You will need to cut the rails on site.

Inside Mount Width
Inside Mount Height
Baby Grande Blackout Samples

Citadel Blackout Samples


Click on a swatch color to enlarge then select add to cart below

powder coat samples for housing box

Powder Coat Samples


For aluminum housing box


The reverse side is always gray.

Picture of seam:

Soltis material comes 67″ wide. Any shade larger than 67″ wide and also taller than  x 65″ high will require a horizontal sonically welded seam approximately ½” tall.

Flammability:  Flame Retardant

Installing Citadel Shades
Complete Installation PDFs
Repair/Replace PDFs

Drawings/Specs Schematics (Tech Information PDF’s)

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