12 Mar: Solar Shades and the Pandemic

Not only has the Covid-19 pandemic forced millions of Americans to quarantine at home but it has resulted in more people working from home on a permanent basis. This emerging reality has led many to ponder how to make their homes and home offices more comfortable, usable, and safe. While some can work well from home, others may feel claustrophobic and isolated.

15 Jul: Introducing the CITADEL Outdoor Shade Line: Strongest Retractable Shade System Available

The CITADEL ™ High Wind Zipper Track is the gold standard in custom built outdoor retractable outdoor shade systems. Number 1 in strength, durability and reliability, it completely encloses covered outdoor living spaces, providing the strongest possible seal against the elements. This advanced system has been engineered with bigger, stronger components that lock the fabric securely into the fabric retention tracks. Free standing shades are securely fastened – so securely they can withstand up to 50 mph winds.

16 Jun: 6 Ways to Keep Your Outdoor Living Spaces Cooler

Nothing is better than enjoying your outdoor living space in the summer. Whether a lanai, a porch, a gazebo or an outdoor kitchen, the trick is not to overheat. But how do you keep it cool and comfortable? Luckily, there are a variety of ways to achieve this: Fans It’s vital to keep the air circulating instead of stagnant. Ceiling Fans Fans achieve that purpose. But which fan should you choose? While they do not actually lower the temperature in your outdoor space, the breeze from…

21 Apr: Light Filtering vs. Blackout Shades: Which Is Right for You?

Did you know it’s a myth that you can’t get sunburned on a cloudy day? According to The WHO, up to 80% of solar UV radiation can penetrate light cloud cover. UV rays can be harmful to your skin and are known to cause cancers and speed up the process of skin aging. But they can also fade  your indoor furnishings,flooring and artwork. This is why installing the right shades in your home is important. Keep reading to find out whether you should buy some light filtering…

06 Mar: Indoor Solar Shades: Mixing Style with Function

Let’s talk about the interior of your home for a moment. Most folks try to integrate their unique styles into their personal spaces, which makes sense. One area that may be overlooked is your windows. Did you know that more heat and cold is lost through windows than any other part of the home? What are you doing to maintain your home’s energy efficiency while simultaneously retaining some stylistic appeal? Transparent solar shades maintain the open feeling of a room. They give full vision out…

06 Feb: Conserving Energy With Indoor Cellular Shades

We’re big fans of cellular (honeycomb) shades here at North Solar Screen. Not only are they decorative but they are one of the most insulating shades you can buy saving you a healthy amount on your monthly energy costs. How? Well, it’s due to their technologically advanced design. Depending upon which type you choose, cellular shades have either a single or double row of air pockets that trap the heat and cold in these cells. This forms a barrier against hot air transfer in the…

06 Jan: Protect Your Home From the Harmful Effects of the Sun

Global warming is a topic of hot discussion in today’s world. No matter which side of the debate you’re on, summer is upon us and with it, the need to live comfortably in the heat. Given the current conditions, we’d like to share a little info on North Solar Screen’s vast line of outdoor solar shades, because really, what’s better than making your outside living spaces more livable? A little known fact is that outdoor solar shades actually stop more heat than indoor ones.

06 Jan: 50 Shades of Protection

Baby, it’s cold outside. The question is; what can we do to keep the heat in the bedroom? (Or, all around the house for that matter.) Shades. That’s how. Just put them down and let the magic happen. Your first thought when it comes to shades is that they provide you with a degree of privacy. This thought was probably a working part of the dialogue that got cut from “50 Shades of Grey,” but hey, we understand that edits must be made. The second…

02 Jan: Why Skylight Shades Are Essential For Your Home

Ah, the restorative powers of a bright, sunny sky. The very reason we love our skylights, right? They make the room brighter and give it a more open feeling. But, then there’s that downside. The room gets considerably hotter in the summer, colder in the winter, and furnishings begin to fade. And if the skylights happen to be where you want to take a nap, well, they just plain interfere. We, at North Solar Screen, offer a variety of custom manufactured skylight shades to help…

11 Dec: Tech-Savvy Cellular Shades

Technology abounds. Everywhere you turn there are technological improvements being made to more easily and comfortably navigate the world we live in. Technology doesn’t escape the world of shades. Many of the lines we offer in our extensive product catalog are technologically advanced solar screen solutions. You may think, a shade’s a shade, right? Well, with this series of blogs, we’re out to teach you a thing or two about what it means to optimize your home with the right product.