Your Grande Shades have made a tremendous
impact in the use of our pergola.
Now we can use it all day all year.
Bob Walker, Houston, TX

Grande Heavy-Duty

Heavy Duty Outdoor Solar Shades
Grande Shades are made with heavy duty construction and are designed for larger areas than our Baby Grande Shades. Crank operated or motorized, you can also customize the level of sun, heat, and fade protection you want with different fabrics. Withstands winds up to 35 mph.

Maximum dimensions: 20′w x 16′ h (240″w x 192″h) Crank operated or motorized


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  • Grande Heavy Duty Solar Description

    The Grande Solar Shades™ for heavy duty outdoor use are the ultimate in strength and durability. Made to exacting standards with components that will not rust, corrode or mold, they ride up and down on extra heavy duty steel cable guides that allow the shade to be positioned at any desired height without the need for tie downs.

    Custom manufactured to your specifications, these outdoor transparent shades cut heat, glare and fading of outdoor furnishings, turning patios, decks, porches, pergolas, lanais and gazebos into comfortable living spaces. Their mesh fabrics allow air to pass through for ventilation, providing daytime privacy with full vision out.

    Darker colors stop heat by 10% over lighter colors. Outdoor shades with tighter weaves extend the summer by protecting outside areas from cold breezes and also provide shelter for plants. All fabrics contain Microban, a biocide to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. Add a safe heater and stay nice and cozy.

    Custom Manufactured up to 20′ wide x 16′ high. Our extra wide fabrics reduce the need for seams. For crank operated shades, one hand brace provided PER ORDER.

    National Fire Protection Association
    NFPA No. 101
    “Life Safety Code”
    Class”A” rating Flame Spread Index
    15 Smoke Developed Value = 350

  • Grande Heavy Duty Solar

    Hiding the Roller

    Click Images below for details

    grande_housingsExtruded aluminum housing
    grande_housing_colors Housing and Side Rail Color Choices
    Side Rails & Tie Down Options
    grande_side_chan2 Side Rail Options
    grande_housing_colors Housing and Side Rail Color Choices
    tie_downs_img5Tie Down Bungees Available
    tie_downs_img5Tie Down Bungees Available
    tie_downs_img5Magnetic Lock Cable System
    Motorization Options

    Outdoor shades are motorized with Somfy Radio Motors, and your choice of 1, 5, or 16 channel remotes, hand held or wall mounted. Factory programs remotes to the motors and you merely set the limit stops. Motors can be on the left or the right, and come with a 6′ power cord. 12′, 18′, and 24′ power cords are available.

    Automate your shades for convenience by using a Timer, or safeguard your shades from damage by using a Wind Sensor so they will retract automatically when the wind rating has been reached.

    NEW! “myLink” Wifi to Radio Technology Somfy Interface.   Control up to 5 channels of RTS shades using Somfy myLink apps for iOS and Android Devices. See more info on the Installation tab.

    Motors plug into grounded outlets. You may hardwire them but must install a shut off switch for each motor so you can disconnect each motor from power separately should you ever need to reprogram.

    RTS Motor Installation with Drip Loop

    Click Images below for details

    smartmotor Altus Motor
    Motorized shades are ready to plug into a grounded outlet or they can be hardwired to a junction box. To hardwire to a junction box, install a shut off switch for each motor or disconnect each motor from the power source to program.. Remotes are pre-programmed at the factory. Motorized Shade Junction Box
    Soliris Sun & Wind. All remotes are pre-programmed by the factory for easier installation. Soliris Sun & Wind
    4+1 Channel Telis Radio Remote and 1 Channel Telis Radio Remote. Remotes hang on the wall with a matching peg. Channel Telis Radio Remotes
    White 5 Channel Wall Mounted Wireless Switch Wall Mounted Wireless Switch
    Motor Timers are available for outdoor shades. Motor Timers

  • Grande Heavy Duty Construction

    An outdoor shade should be retracted in windy conditions. (More than 35 mph.) Shades must be mounted to the underside of a beam/ceiling or to the face of a beam/wall, and cannot be 'end mounted.'

    1. Rollers: Are 3 1/4" in diameter to prevent sagging of shades even 20' wide.
    2. Splines: Fabric is secured to the roller with a sturdy spline that runs the full width of the shade.
      The ends are sealed to prevent the fabric from sliding.
    3. Components: Are all made of materials that are corrosion resistant
      (powder coated aluminum, powder coated steel, stainless steel, or galvanized steel.)
    4. Weight bar: Chrome plated stainless steel tube 7/8" in diameter with steel rebar inside for extra weight. Hardened steel eyelets run up and down the steel aircraft cable. This holds the shade in place without the need for tie down loops and is the preferred method of securing the shade in the wind. Cables come 2' longer than the shade height you order. Let us know If you need them longer. Cable system should be mounted to the concrete floor with provided tie wire drives (cable anchors.)
    5. Cable Guide System
      1. Turnbuckle: Tensions the steel aircraft cable. Shade can be lowered to 6” from the floor, or mount them at the top if you want full coverage to the floor (in which case the shade will not go up the last 6")  (When fully retracted, there will be 2" of shade fabric/weight bar that will still hang below the housing or bracket.)
      2. Premium L Bracket: Replaces the turnbuckle if you need to mount the cable to the wall or post. Allows the shade to come down within 1 1/2" of the floor. (When fully retracted, there will be 2" of shade fabric/weight bar that will still hang below the housing or bracket.)
      3. Magnetic Cable Lock System: For crank or motorized shades with housing boxes only. Keeps the fabric straight and tight better than the standard weight bar. Comes with stainless steel cables. If strong gusts unlock the bar from the base, magnetic force brings the bar back down. Allows the shade to come down to within 2 1/4" from the floor.When fully retracted, there will be 3 1/2" of shade fabric/weight bar that will still hang below the housing or bracket. Shade must be ordered the full height.
      4. Cables are 1/8" thick commercial grade with a breaking strength of 2000 lbs, galvanized aircraft cable (type7X19).
        Stainless steel cables can be ordered for an extra charge.
    6. Housings: Powder coated extruded aluminum housings available in 6 colors.
      To hide and protect the roll (especially when motorizing.) 5 1/2" x 5 1/2"
    7. Side Rails: Powder coated aluminum , 2" wide side rails can replace cable system in shades up to 180" wide. Allow shade to extend all the way down to the floor. There is a 1/4" gap between the shade fabric and the rail. Available in 6 colors that match the housings. Order with L Channel brackets when inside mounting for an easy installation. (When fully retracted, there will be 3" of shade fabric/weight bar that will still hang below the housing.)Side rails do compromise the wind load capacity of shades; if you need the 35 mph wind rating, best to order with Cables.
    8. Bungee System: Alternative system for tying down shades. Custom bungees with solid breech straps. Least effective against wind and not recommended with motorized shades.
    9. Crank Brackets: 'Exposed Roll' shades (with no housing) mount on sturdy brackets. Hardware is available in White, Dark Brown, or Desert Sand. Choice of crank gear side. Footprint of bracket is 3” x 4 ½”.  Shade bracket protrudes out from wall approx. 4 ½”.
    10. Hand Brace: Each crank operated shade ORDER comes with ONE free properly sized hand brace. Move the hand brace from shade to shade to operate them.
      Comes in your choice of 3 colors. Available in 48", 60", 72", 84" and 97" long, you may order extras for convenience.
    11. Fabric Deductions
    12. You will need to supply your own lag bolts for mounting your shades.
  • Grande Solar Heavy-Duty Shade Samples

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    5% Openness


    Alpaca*** 5%


    Black*** 5%


    Chestnut*** 5%


    Graphite Gray* 5%


    Mocha*** 5%


    Nickelstone* 5%


    Quartz* 5%


    White*** 5%


    Dark Bronze*** 5%


    White-Gray*** 5%

    10% Openness


    Beige* 10%


    Brown* 10%


    Dark Bronze 10%


    Ebony* 10%


    Gray** 10%


    Stucco* 10%


    Snow-White* 10%

    3% Openness


    Pewter*** 3%


    Alabaster*** 3%


    Ash*** 3%


    Chalk*** 3%


    Ebony*** 3%


    Granite*** 3%


    Greystone*** 3%


    Pebblestone*** 3%


    Tobacco*** 3%

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    Product Description

    10% openness means the fabric is 90% dense and keeps out 90% of the sun.

    5% openness means the fabric is 95% dense and keeps out 95% of the sun.

    (Best for Eastern and Western exposures.)

    3% openness means the fabric is 97% dense and keeps out 97% of the sun.

    (Best for Eastern and Western exposures.)


    Darker colors provide sharper outward visibility and 10% more heat rejection than lighter colors. Shades need to be retracted under windy conditions.

    *Shades larger than 119″wide x 117″high will require a horizontal sonically welded seam.

    **Shades larger than 96″wide x 94″high will require a horizontal sonically welded seam.

    ***Shades larger than 126″wide x 123″high will require a horizontal sonically welded seam.

    These fabrics include microban antimicrobial additives which inhibit the growth of stain and odor causing mold and mildew.

    We are happy to send you up to SIX swatches per shade type.

  • Grande Heavy Duty Solar

    Some footage may show components that do not look exactly like the ones you will receive, but the procedure being demonstrated is correct

    Installation PDFs

    Download PDFs to Review Below.


    Q: What is the depth required?
    Depth required for a flush mount depends on the headrail option chosen

    • Exposed Roll, crank or motor: 4 7/8"
    • Housing box, crank or motor: 5 1/2" (9" if fitting this in a 'pocket')

    Q: What is the fabric width?
    Fabric width varies depending on lift system and headrail option.

    • Exposed Roll, crank: Fabric is 4 1/4" narrower than the brackets. Gap on Crank side is 2 1/2", gap on idler end is 1 3/4".
    • Exposed Roll, Motor: Fabric is 3" narrower than brackets. The gap is the same size on each side.
    • Housing box, crank, cables with L brackets or turnbuckles: Fabric is 3 1/2" narrower than the housing box. There is a 2" gap on the crank side, and a 1 1/2" gap on the idler end.
    • Housing box, motor, cables with L Brackets or turnbuckles: The fabric is 3" narrower than the housing box. The gap is the same size on each side.
    • Housing box, motor or crank, with magnetic cable lock: The fabric is 4" narrower than the housing box. The gap is the same size on each side.
    • Housing box, side channels, crank or motor: Fabric is 4 1/4" narrower than the housing box. There is a 1/8"-- 1/4" gap between the side channel and the fabric on each side.

    Q: Will Solar Shades save me money?
    Exterior Solar Shades are the best defense against the heat. They started in Europe as a way to keep buildings cool. Because they absorb the solar radiation before it passes through and needs to be reflected out, they keep the interior much cooler. Darker colors on the exterior absorb more light and are therefore 10% more effective than light colors against the heat.