Your Grande Shades have made a tremendous
impact in the use of our pergola.
Now we can use it all day all year.
Bob Walker, Houston, TX

Grande Solar Heavy-Duty

Heavy Duty Outdoor Solar Shades
Grande Shades are made with heavy duty construction and are designed for larger areas than our Baby Grande Shades. Crank operated or motorized, you can also customize the level of sun, heat, and fade protection you want with different fabrics. Withstands winds up to 35 mph.

Maximum dimensions: 20’w x 16′ h (240″w x 192″h) Crank operated or motorized


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  • Grande Heavy Duty Solar Description

    The Grande Solar Shades™ for heavy duty outdoor use are the ultimate in strength and durability. Made to exacting standards with components that will not rust, corrode or mold, they ride up and down on extra heavy duty steel cable guides that allow the shade to be positioned at any desired height without the need for tie downs.

    Custom manufactured to your specifications, these outdoor transparent shades cut heat, glare and fading of outdoor furnishings, turning patios, decks, porches, pergolas, lanais and gazebos into comfortable living spaces. Their mesh fabrics allow air to pass through for ventilation, providing daytime privacy with full vision out.

    Darker colors stop heat by 10% over lighter colors. Outdoor shades with tighter weaves extend the summer by protecting outside areas from cold breezes and also provide shelter for plants. All fabrics contain Microban, a biocide to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. Add a safe heater and stay nice and cozy.

    Custom Manufactured up to 20′ wide x 16′ high. Our extra wide fabrics reduce the need for seams. For crank operated shades, one hand brace provided PER ORDER.

    National Fire Protection Association
    NFPA No. 101
    “Life Safety Code”
    Class”A” rating Flame Spread Index
    15 Smoke Developed Value = 350

  • Grande Heavy Duty Solar

    Hiding the Roller

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    grande_housingsExtruded aluminum housing
    grande_housing_colors Housing and Side Rail Color Choices
    Side Rails & Tie Down Options
    grande_side_chan2 Side Rail Options
    grande_housing_colors Housing and Side Rail Color Choices
    tie_downs_img5Tie Down Bungees Available
    tie_downs_img5Tie Down Bungees Available
    tie_downs_img5Magnetic Lock Cable System
    General Info about Motors

    Outdoor shades are motorized with Somfy RTS Motors. The  factory programs the remotes to the motors and you merely set the limit stops. Instructions for programming limit stops is found on the Installation/videos tab.   Motors can be ordered on the left or the right, and come with a 6′ power cord. 12′, 18′, and 24′ power cords are available.

    Motors plug into grounded outlets. You may hard wire them, but must install a shut off switch for each motor so you can disconnect each motor from power separately should you ever need to reprogram.

    Motors are 120V and draw 1.1 to 1.6 amps depending on the size of the shade you order. Most run at 38 rpm, but larger motors used for larger shades or Fortess shades run at 20 rpm. If you have different sized shades, they may run at different speeds. You may upgrade to larger, slower motors to make them run the same.

    Outdoor shades with motors are best ordered with housing boxes to prevent water from getting into the motor.  Make sure you create a drip loop to keep water from running down the cord into the motor head. (This means you run the power cord down from the motor and then up to the outlet so the water will drip off the bottom of the cord and can’t run up the cord.)  Operating temperature range for motors is 14 degrees F to 104 degrees F (-10 degrees C to 40 degrees C.) If you are installing your shade in a completely weather tight pocket, you may order a motorized shade with exposed roll brackets. Call for pricing.

    Remotes are all wireless. See Motor Accessories for information on various remotes and sensors for controlling your shades.

    Motor Accessories


    Somfy offers a variety of ways to control you shades that go beyond the simple RTS hand held or wall mounted single and wall mounted remotes.  Use the following information to select the right accessories to control your environment and safeguard your shades.


    You must have a regular hand held or wall mounted remote to set the limit stops.

    The wind sensor plugs in with a transformer and can control multiple shades. It is best to have one for each direction your shades are facing as wind will come at the shades differently.

    You can set the wind speed anywhere from 6-31 mph.

    When wind higher than your setting is sensed for a duration of 2 minutes, the shades are automatically retracted.

    Once the wind speed has lowered to below your setting and remained lower for 15 minutes, you will be able to control your shade with your remote. The shades do NOT go down by themselves when the wind stops. Bear in mind that the 15 minutes is from when the wind is reduced. If it goes back above your setting before the 15 minutes is up, it will be yet another 15 minutes before you can lower the shade.


    If being used with one shade, the Telis 1 Chronis timer can be used to set the limit stops. For more than one shade you will also need the multi channel remote to set the limit stops.

    The timer can be set to lower the shades once a day and raise them once a day.

    If used in conjunction with the wind sensor, the wind sensor will raise them as described above, and you can lower them with your remote after the wind dies down, but the timer will not lower the shades again that same day as it only sends one ‘lower’ signal and one ‘raise’ signal per day.


    You must have a special ‘Soliris’ hand held remote to set the sun sensor, which can also be used to set your limit stops. Wall mounted remotes can’t set the sun sensor, so if you want one of those it would be in addition to the  Soliris.

    The wind sensor works as described above. The sun sensor lowers the shade when it senses enough light. When the light dims (either because of nightfall, clouds, or shadows from trees etc.) the shades are retracted. If the sun sensor has lowered the shade, but the wind exceeds your setting, the wind sensor will over ride the sun sensor and raise the shade. Once the wind is reduced to below your setting for 15 minutes with the sun shining on the sensor, the shade will be lowered again.

    Bear in mind that passing clouds and shadows will raise and lower the shade possibly many times a day, with the wind sensor also raising it for wind. You may disconnect the sun sensor and just operate it manually, but you can’t disconnect the wind sensor as the shade will then behave erratically, searching for  a signal from the disconnected wind sensor every hour.


    MY LINK  (App is free, but you buy the MyLink)

    You must have a regular hand held or wall mounted remote to set the limit stops.

    My Link is a smart phone app that you can use to control your shades from afar. You won’t have a way of knowing if your shade is up or down from the app; you would have to have some sort of home security camera for knowing this.  If you use it with a wind sensor you would be able to lower the shade again with the app as long as the 15’ of reduced wind has gone by, again you would need to have a security camera that would tell you if the shade was up or down.

    My Link has a built in timer that you can set for 5 scenarios  (5 ups and 5 downs a day.) If used with a wind sensor and the shade was put up because of wind, you could have the shade automatically go down again at a preset time—as long as the wind was not blowing at that time.