Baby Grande Clear Vinyl Shades

Heavy Duty Outdoor Clear Vinyl Shades – Perfect for restaurants

Baby Grande Clear Vinyl Shades are made with the same heavy duty construction as the Grande shades but because they are designed for smaller areas, they are less expensive. Let the sun’s warmth fully penetrate your interior space while maintaining a transparent barrier against the elements.  For areas up to 14’ wide, these 30 ml. shades have passed rigorous tests for rain and snow, with winds up to 35 mph and temperatures down to 0º F without cracking.  The vinyl blocks 98% of the UV and is double polished to prevent sticking.  Available crank operated or motorized, they ride up and down on sturdy cable guides.  Add a safe heater to extend the outdoor living season.

Withstands winds up to 35 mph
Identifying Wind Speed

Maximum Dimensions:
14′ x 8′ (168w” x 96h”)
Upgrade to Grande Clear Vinyl for wider or taller shades.
Manual or motorized.

“Our new Baby Grande Shade is installed and working perfectly. We are able to use our outdoor porch much longer in the season now. Thanks so much for your help!”


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Baby Grande Clear Vinyl Description

Baby Grande Shades™ for heavy duty outdoor use are the ultimate in strength and durability because they are constructed to accommodate such oversized dimensions. Made to exacting standards with components that are corrosion-resistant, they ride up and down on extra heavy duty stainless steel cable guides that allow the shade to be positioned at any desired height without the need for tie downs. Custom manufactured to your specifications,you will enjoy the sun’s light and warmth but not the cold breezes in your outdoor living areas.

Clear vinyl is a flexible and malleable material. It will not be as perfect as a pane of glass. It can respond to temperature changes and pressure, so can take impressions and have small ripples or marks. Custom Manufactured up to 14′ wide x 8′ high. For crank operated shades, one hand brace provided PER ORDER.

Care & Warranty

Cleaning & Care
Packaging & Shipping

Flame Spread Information

Motorization Options
General Info about XQ5 and Somfy Motors
5 Year Warranty
  • Motors can be ordered on the right or left and plug into a grounded outlet
  • Hardwiring requires installing a shut-off switch for each motor to disconnect each separately from power should you need to reprogram
  • Motors are 120V and draw about 1.6 amps, operating temperature range is from 14 to 140 degrees F (-10 to 60 degrees C.)
  • There is no manual override
  • Order housing box to prevent water from shorting out the motor unless installing into water tight pocket
  • Create a drip loop to prevent water from running down the cord into the motor head and shorting out the motor.
XQ5 Premium Motor Controls
5 Year Warranty

The XQ5 motor is our standard outdoor shade motor. These are radio controlled with built in radio receiver. Best price point. If you need to reset the motor you will have to press a button on the motor head itself, so it’s not recommended for hard to reach areas.

Comes standard with an 8′ power cord (16′ or 32′ can be ordered). The power cord and plug come separate so you can cut to the appropriate length. The XQ5 motor doesn’t have an antenna in the cord, so the cord can be cut as short as needed. The antenna is the small white wire on the motor.

Handheld Remotes: Smart Line
  • Handheld Smart Line Remotes: come as 1 channel or 5 channel
  •  Available in white only.
  • The battery is CR2430. (5 channel remote has 5 separate channels plus an “all” channel.)
  • 65 Foot range
Wall Mounted Remotes: Dekora
  • Wireless battery operated wall switch that avoids cutting into drywall.
  • It does not require an electrician.
  • Available as single channel or five channel. The 5 channel has five separate channels plus an “all” button.”
  • Available in white only.
Slim Line Timers
New SlimLine Emitto timer and remote for motorized shades
  • The timer is a multifunction remote with 90 channels display and timer.
  • You can program up to 6 groups of 15 channels each.
  • It also has a clear plastic wall bracket.
  • 3V Lithium Battery (CR2450)
  • Remote range 65 feet
sun and wind sensor for electronic motorized outdoor sun shades
Sun & Wind Sensor
  • Sensors automatically retract shades between 6-31 mph 
  • Sensors plug into a grounded outlet, set limit stops with any XQ5 remote
  • Requires the SOL one channel remote to turn sensor function on and off
  • When winds higher than your setting is sensed for a duration of 2 minutes, the shades automatically retract. Once winds have lowered below your setting for 20 minutes, you can control the shade with your remote. 
  • Shades go down automatically 20 minutes after the wind stops, calculated from when the wind is reduced. If wind goes above your setting before the 20 minutes, it will require another 20 minutes before you or the sun sensor can lower the shade.
wind sensor for XQ5 Motor outdoor roll up blinds
Wind Sensor
  • Sensors can automatically retract shades between 6-31 mph 
  • Sensors plug into a grounded outlet
  • Cord length is 96″
  • Set limit stops with any XQ5 remote
  • Best to have one wind sensor for each direction shades are facing because wind comes at them differently
  • When wind higher than your setting is sensed for a duration of 2 minutes, the shades will automatically retract. Once the wind speed has lowered to below your setting and has remained lower for 20 minutes, you will be able to control your shade with your remote. 
  • Not recommended for metal areas like fully steel or aluminum pergolas with metal slat roof or metalized glass panels that radiate excessive heat.
RollApp Hub: Control Shades with Wifi
  • Control your motorized shades with your Android or iphone from anywhere or anytime.
  • Group shades into rooms, and choose favorite, scenarios, and individual schedules.
  • Use voice commands with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa products.
  • Connects to the home network and one or more XQ5 Radio controlled motors.
  • Create as many rooms as you want and up to 6 favorite rooms managed from the app.
  • Easy shade controls with UP, STOP, DOWN and PRESET buttons.
  • Program the shade limits by the app. Motors sync with the app without using another transmitter.
  • Program up to 10 scenarios. Each scenario can automate the ascent, descent and preset controls, with the ability to repeat any day of the week and set vacation modes
Somfy Motor Controls
5 Year Warranty

Somfy is our upgraded motor, and is more expensive than our standard XQ5 Motor. Somfy motors can be reset from the remote, so it’s a better fit for hard to reach shades & second story applications. With the Somfy myLink™ shade motors can pair with a wide range of home automation systems.

Comes standard with a 9’ power cord (24′ can be ordered). Power cords and plugs come separate so you can cut to the appropriate length. Do not cut motor wires shorter than 42” as you will be cutting the antenna and seriously reducing the range of the remote.

Hand Held Remotes
  • One Channel for single shade
  • Multi-Channel to operate up to 4 individually or as a group
  • 16 channels to operate up to 15 individually or in a group;
  • Available white, ivory, black
  • Motors can be reset from the remote – important feature for very tall shades
Wireless Wall Switch
Wall mounted remote for Somfy motorized shades
  • Battery-powered wireless wall switch
  • Available as single or 5 channel
  • In white or ivory.
  • We recommend ordering the hand-held remote for easier programming of limit stops 
  • Power: 3V lithium battery, CR 2450 type
  • Low voltage device, in most cases doesn’t require an electrical box
Timer & Remote
Somfy timer
  • If used with 1 shade, timer can be used to set limit stops
  • Multiple shades require multi-channel remote to set limit stops
  • Can be set to raise and lower shades once a day only
  • If used in conjunction with wind sensor, wind sensor will lower and raise, use remote to lower after wind dies down
sun wind sensor for motorized outdoor shades from Somfy
Sun & Wind Sensor
  • Must order Soliris hand-held remote to set sun sensor and program limit stops (not wall mounted)
  • Wind and Sun/Wind Sensors automatically retract shades between 6-31 mph 
  • Sensors plug into a grounded outlet, best to have one for each direction shades are facing as wind comes at them differently
  • Shades will lower when wind higher than your setting is sensed for 2 minutes, or when enough light is sensed. It will retract when light dims because of nightfall, clouds, shadows trees etc
  • If sun sensor has lowered shade but wind exceeds your setting the wind sensor will override the sun sensor and raise the shade
  • Once wind is reduced to below your setting for 15 minutes with sun shining on the sensor, the shade will lower
  • Passing clouds could possibly raise and lower shade many times a day with the wind sensor also raising it for wind
  • You may disconnect the sun sensor and operate it manually, but you can’t disconnect the wind sensor as the shade will search for a signal from a disconnected wind sensor every hour and behave erratically
somfy rain sensor for remote controlled shades
Rain & Sun Sensor
  • Requires Soliris hand- held remote to set sun sensor which can also be used to program limit stops (wall mounted remotes can’t do it)
  • These are solar powered so no need to plug in sensors
  • Set rain sensor from condensation/fog to heavy rain; snow will also activate it
  • Sun sensor raises shade when it senses enough light, or lower when senses not enough because of nightfall, clouds, shadows from trees, etc.
  • If sun sensor has raised the shade but rain exceeds your setting, the rain sensor will override the sun sensor and lower the shade to care of showers.
  • Once rain is reduced to below your setting for 2 minutes with the sun shining on the sensor, the shade will be raised again
  • Passing clouds and shadows could raise and lower shade many times a day with rain sensor also lowering it for rain
  • You can disconnect sun sensor and operate it with the remote, but you can’t disconnect the rain sensor as the shade will behave erratically searching for a signal from the disconnected rain sensor every 20 minutes
Somfy TaHoma Smart Home Automation for Shades
Somfy TaHoma™: Home Automation with Smartphone App

(App is free, but you must purchase the TaHoma™ transmitter)

  • Turn your smartphone or tablet into a remote control for motorized shades with the Somfy TaHoma™ using WiFi (requires a security camera to know if shades are up or down)
  • Operate your shades with the free TaHoma™ North America App while home or away, or integrate with third-party systems. Compatible with IOS 11.0+ and Android 7.0+
  • Works with with Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, Phillips Hue, Samsung SmartThings, and Google Assistant – allowing for natural voice commands to control the shades
  • Compatible with most third-party systems such as Control4®, Crestron, Savant, Elan, RTI, URC, and Brilliant
  • Maintains motor/device settings even during a power failure
  • Requires regular radio hand-held remote for initial programming and to set limit stops
  • Must be within range of 25-35ft from shade; Somfy recommends at least one TaHoma™ interface per room or zone, and up to 10 gateways in one home to increase the range
  • TaHoma’s performance is directly related to health and reliability of the WiFi network
  • Create scenes by grouping multiple channels together; create schedules by setting one or more scenes on a timer. Create up to 40 scenes and schedules to automatically operate multiple shades
  • If used with a wind sensor shade can be lowered after 15 minutes of reduced wind (requires a security camera to show position of shade)
  • If used with a wind sensor and shade was raised because of wind, shade can automatically lower at a preset time as long as the wind was not blowing at that time
Baby Grande Clear Vinyl Heavy Duty Construction

Click on each text box to find out more information

Clear Vinyl Cable Guided Shades Diagram

Housing Box (optional but recommended): Powder coated extruded aluminum housings available in 8 colors: white, gray, ivory, light beige, dark beige, sand, bronze and black. To hide and protect the roller (especially when motorizing.) Dimensions: 4 1/2″ x 4 1/2″

An outdoor shade should be retracted in windy conditions. (More than 35 mph.) Shades must be mounted to the underside of a beam/ceiling or to the face of a beam/wall, and cannot be ‘end mounted.’

  1. Rollers: Are 2 3/4″ in diameter to prevent sagging of shades even 14′ wide.
  2. Splines: Fabric is secured to the roller with a sturdy spline that runs the full width of the shade and is permanently affixed to the fabric so that it cannot slide out.
  3. Fabric Cutbacks – The shade material is cut narrower than the roller: Exposed Roller-Crank, Housing Box-Crank, Housing Box-Motorized, & Exposed Roller-Motorized (only for shades completely protected from weather).
  4. Metal components: are made of corrosion resistant materials (powder coated aluminum, powder coated steel, stainless steel, or galvanized steel. If you are close to the sea “with salt air smog” where you can actually taste the salt air, spray off the cables, bottom bars, and all metal parts as you would ocean going boats, even the stainless-steel ones.
  5. Weight bar Polished marine grade stainless steel tubing 7/8” diameter with internal steel rod for extra weight. Hardened steel eyelets run up and down the stainless steel aircraft cable. This holds the shade in place without the need for tie down loops and is the preferred method of securing the shade in the wind. Cables come 2′ longer than the shade height you order. Let us know If you need them longer. Cable system should be mounted to the concrete floor with provided cable anchors.
    1. External Bottom Bar Upgrade Instead of the standard stainless steel bar, we recommend external bottom bar for areas with very salty air and little to no rain. Available in four colors, either round or square exterior bottom bar. **Ordering this part may add to the production time
  6. Cable Guide System
    1. Low Profile Adjuster (Standard equipment.) Securely attached to the bracket or housing box, this low profile hardware tensions the stainless steel aircraft cables. Shade can be lowered to about 2 ½” from the floor. Swivel eyelets to reduce wear on cables and to allow cables to be mounted at a slight angle. Mount into stone, concrete, or wood with supplied cable anchor. When fully retracted, there will be 2” of shade fabric/weight bar that will still hang below the housing or bracket.) Cut cables to fit on site and secure to the eye bolt with the Simplex Cable Fastener
    2. Wall Mount Cable Bracket Use if you need to mount the cable to the wall or post. Allows the shade to come down within 1 ¾” from the floor. Bracket protrudes 1″ from the  mounting point, holds cable 3/4″ from the mounting point and is 2″ tall. Powder coated to match your housing box or shade brackets.
  7. Housings: Powder coated extruded aluminum housings available in 8 colors To hide and protect the roll (especially when motorizing.) 4 1/2″ x 4 1/2″
  8. Crank Brackets: ‘Exposed Roll’ shades (with no housing) mount on sturdy brackets. Hardware is available in White, Dark Brown, or Desert Sand. Choice of crank gear side.  Foot print of bracket is 2 ½” x 4”.  Shade bracket protrudes out from wall approximately  4”.
  9. Hand Brace: Each crank operated shade ORDER comes with ONE free properly sized hand brace. Move the hand brace from shade to shade to operate them. Comes in your choice of 3 colors. Available in 48″, 60″, 72″, 84″ and 96″ long, you may order extras for convenience.
  10. You will need to supply your own Torx Screws for mounting your shades.
  11. 30 mil Clear Vinyl comes on a 54” wide roll. This means that shades that have vinyl wider than 54” and taller than 51” will have horizontal sonically welded, structurally stable seams that will not come apart. Vinyl can expand and contract up to 2% which will result in the dimensions slightly changing with temperature fluctuations. Some ripples or waves in the vinyl may occur. These usually flatten out with warmer temperatures. Call for more information.
  12. Use the Plexus Polish provided with your shades to help protect the vinyl from sticking to itself in humid conditions. Once or twice a year is usually sufficient; apply when vinyl appears dull. To use, shake can well. Spray on lightly. Wipe off and buff with clean cloth. (Do not use paper towels).

Overlapping Openings: If you want to overlap the opening it’s better to mount to the interior facing side so the force of the wind blows the shade fabric inward. You should still be cautious of the fabric rubbing against rough or solid surfaces. If you prefer to mount to the exterior side and overlap solid or rough surfaces, we recommend shimming out your brackets or housing box at least 2” to help alleviate potential fraying or premature wearing out of the material. If your header and sides are completely level we can also make the shade fabric the size of your opening width minus ½” to make up for irregularities. This covers your opening and minimizes the chance of damage to the material.

How To Measure Outdoor Shades
Measuring Tips:
  • Use a steel tape measure – Do not use cloth
  • Measure to the nearest 1/8” – Never round up
  • Always give width before height – Measure in inches
  • Give us raw dimensions. Do not take your own deductions
  • If adjoining shades meet at a corner, let us know as one or both may need to be cut narrower to ensure they don’t conflict

Always feel free to call us for help and email us photos of where you want to install.

Opening Width

Measure Width (inches): Measure width at the top, middle and bottom. Give the narrowest dimension especially between any protruding trim, bolts etc

Please note: we don’t recommend overlapping fabric over columns when mounting from the exterior side of your structure as the wind could cause the shade to rub and wear out the fabric.
Opening Height

Measure Height (inches): Measure height from the top face or underside of the header beam to where you want the shade to drop.

For Crank operated shades we will also need to know the height from the ground to properly size a hand brace

Mounting Options

For more detailed installation instructions see our installation tab

Surface Mount (Face Mount)

The shade mounts to the surface or face above your opening on the interior or exterior of your structure

Minimum Height Required: 4 1/2” above opening*

*Recommended Clear Height Above Opening: 7” to allow shade to disappear from your line of vision. Any protrusions such as bolts, trim will need to be addressed so shade hangs straight, level and plumb.

Undermount (Ceiling Mount)

The shade mounts from the top down inside the frame of your structure.

Minimum Depth Required: 4 1/2″. Must be flat, level and have no protrusions (trim or bolts) within your opening frame.

The housing box and bottom bar will be in your line of vision when shade is rolled up. Housing box is 4 1/2″ tall and bottom bar hangs down 2″ (see diagram below).

The bottom bar hangs below the housing box 2″ when shade is rolled all the way up

Mounting The Cables

Baby Grande Shades  use a sturdy cable guide system that allow the shade to be positioned at any desired height without the need for tie downs.

These cables keep the shades wind worthy in gusts up to 35 mph.

Cables run plumb from the top of the shade to the bottom mount.

Floor mounted stainless steel cables come standard with your order, or you can upgrade to wall mounted cables.

clear vinyl cable guided system

**Clear Vinyl shades CANNOT be mounted CLOSER THAN 3 FEET from a heat source**

30 mil Clear Vinyl comes on a 54″ wide roll. This means that shades that have vinyl wider than 54″ and taller than 51″ will have horizontal sonically welded seams approximately 1/2″ wide. Call for more information.
clear plastic baby grande shades

Baby Grande Clear Vinyl Samples



Resistance to the Elements: Our vinyl has passed the rigorous 200 hour UV and Weather Test for snow and rain. It can withstand temperatures down to 0 degrees without cracking.

Resistance to the Elements: Our vinyl has passed the rigorous 200 hour UV and Weather Test for snow and rain. It can withstand temperatures down to 0 degrees without cracking.

Housing Box & Side Rails Powder Coat Samples

Housing Box Powder Coat Samples


The aluminum housing box covers and protects the roller. Motorized shades must have a housing box. The housing box keeps the shade fresher for long lasting use.

Installation Videos
Exposed Roller, Crank Operated
Housing Box, Crank Operated
Housing Box, Motorized
Exposed Roller, Motorized
Sun & Wind Sensor Programming
Complete Installation PDFs

Please print or download for your needs. Instructions no longer included in packaging.

Schematics (Tech Information) PDFs
Repair/Replace PDFs
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